Sometimes, You Gotta Blow Things Up!

by Doreen Rainey

It's always advised that, as an entrepreneur, you periodically take a step back from your business and evaluate what's working, what's not working, what your clients and customers really want (and need) and whether you, as the owner, are getting the most joy out of your work.

Doing this exercise allows you to see what needs to be tweaked, adjusted, shifted, altered or fine-tuned.

Well, that's exactly what I've been doing over the last several months.

Having been in business for about 8 years, I've seen a lot, tried a lot, loved a lot and hated a lot. I've worked with incredible clients whose results in their business and personal lives have been phenomenal and I've also taken on some clients that were better suited for someone else.

I've woken up so pumped up about what was happening in my business that I couldn't wait to start the day. I've also woken up and decided it was too much to handle and spent the morning perusing job openings for Human Resource Executives.

But it's all been necessary to continually develop and grow a company I love.

That's why, as I stepped back and evaluated this time, I realized I didn't want a tweak, adjustment, shift, alteration or a tune-up - I wanted something drastically different. I wanted a complete blow up!

So that's what I did!

Since making this decision, my team and I have been working on HUGE changes in how we serve our clients in teaching, coaching and mentoring them to success. And I'm so excited I can't stand it!

We've been beta testing this new process with a group of my clients and they absolutely LOVE it!

If you are someone who has been:

  •     Dealing with overwhelm in your life or business and need clarity.
  •     In information overload and unsure of how to move forward.
  •     Wanting to to learn from coaches, teaches and experts you actually have access to.
  •     Seeking more affordable options to learn how to grow your business, reach your personal goals and get support from a powerful community.
  •     Looking for targeted, focused, direct and clear education, training, coaching and development for your personal goals and business success.

All I can say is "Have I Got Something For You!" We're just a couple of weeks away from unveiling the details so be on the lookout for the announcement.

Now, what about you?

Is there something in your life or business you need to "blow up"? Do you need to take a step back and release yourself from what "they" or you have always done? Is it time to let go of ways of doing things just because they are familiar and comfortable?

If so, I invite you to take a deep breath (or two...or three...or four) and do as I did. Press the detonator!

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© 2014 Doreen Rainey

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