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TOPIC: EMOTIONAL SELF-DEFENSE - Why learning these basic skills NOT ONLY prevent you from becoming a statistic, but will help you build the confidence to succeed!

Jennifer Riis-Poulsen, Founder & CEO of Powerhouse Self-Defense is from London, England, and moved to the USA in 2004. She is a 2nd degree black belt in martial arts and has a Psychology background. Jennifer formed Powerhouse Self-Defense in November 2011 as a response to the ever-increasing statistics on the number of individuals that are physically and emotionally assaulted each year.

She made reducing these statistics a passion and personal goal and has set out to develop a comprehensive personal safety and empowerment program focused on awareness and powerful techniques to build courage and confidence. The curriculum is based on her 12 years of martial arts experience and is designed for all females from 12 years of age and above. Powerhouse Self-Defense became an International Company with the launch of its Program in London, England, in June 2013.

The Powerhouse Self-Defense Mission is to significantly reduce the number of individuals that are physically and emotionally assaulted each year, nationally and globally, by empowering them through its Personal Safety and Empowerment Program. It is also the mission of Powerhouse Self-Defense to keep college campuses safer through its Campus Storm Program.

Date: Wednesday, March 19th
Time: 8:00 pm EDT

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