Woman on Top: When Male Employees Work for Female Bosses

by Sarah Brooks

While there may be some men clinging to insecurities about working for female entrepreneurs, the playing field has shifted enough that most men are probably comfortable assuming the role.  In fact, there is good reason to believe some men are enamored of the prospect.  After all, working for a woman furnishes serious insight into the inner workings of her mind, perhaps enlightening men in search of answers about what makes women tick.

Just Like Home

Single men seeking to break-in to the relationship game have big-time advantages working for women.  Like flies on the wall, they enjoy access to the inner sanctum - privy to areas most men would pay to observe.  On the other hand, married and otherwise committed men have no shortage of access in their own lives; creating an entirely different relationship with their female bosses.

The interpersonal dynamic shared between men and women is old hat for married and co-inhabiting couples, so naturally it translates to the workplace, where men work for women.  For some men, working for aggressive women calling the shots is all too familiar - mimicking the pecking order within their own households.  This could be seen as an advantage for female bosses, who supervise a workforce accustomed to being guided by women.  On the other hand, familiarity breeds contempt, so relationship issues at home might rub-off on interactions at work.

Learn from Each Other

Creativity and innovation rely on varied perspectives.  The ability to "think outside the box" is heightened by diverse work relationships, where staffers are exposed to many different viewpoints.  Men and women working together to solve problems are more effective than segregated groups; especially when women lead projects playing to their strengths.

Regardless of your gender, you may possess an independent personality type; prompting you to see things in black and white terms - as they relate to your personal angle.  For female leaders, supervising men helps them find common ground outside of gender; spurring productivity based on mutual respect.  Even when both are highly independent, deferring to female bosses helps men control bullying tendencies and advantages based on physical size and strength.

Nurturing Relationships

Business relationships cross stereotypical boundaries, so generalizations only apply to a certain point.  Across society, through maternal associations, women are characterized as the more nurturing gender, when compared to men.  While men are still capable of compassion and sensitivity, it is seen as a natural extension of women's personalities; whereas men are seen to work harder expressing their emotions.  Working under a female boss helps men get in touch with their feelings - even without formal sensitivity training.  Such relationships yield large dividends in terms of productivity, as female bosses and their male subordinates each fulfill vital personal developmental needs.

Not every man is excited to work under a female boss, but most take it in stride.  In reality, both members benefit from work relationships where women guide men; causing some male employees to embrace the paradigm with enthusiasm.

In the end, interpersonal chemistry crosses gender barriers, so it is more about the people involved that the arrangement of their chromosomes. 

About the Author: This is a guest post by Sarah Brooks from Freepeoplesearch.org. She is a Houston based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to brooks.sarah23 @ gmail.com.

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