Are You Giving Too Much Coaching?

by Kendall SummerHawk

You love to help others and you genuinely enjoy seeing them succeed. But is this same eagerness leading you to giving too much coaching, and getting burned out in the process?

This is a problem that can sneak up on you quickly, when you find yourself doing anything and everything to satisfy clients’ needs.

Over-coaching may feel like you’re going “above and beyond” to deliver great service, but it ultimately disempowers your clients and limits your ability to offer higher end coaching programs.

Just how much coaching is too much? Let’s see…
  •     Your clients have multiple ways of contacting you, including your cell phone, home phone, private email and more… and they use them all
  •     You routinely allow emergency or “extra” coaching sessions
  •     You often let coaching sessions go longer than scheduled
  •     You do the clients’ work for them because you can do it more quickly and easily (e.g., writing, doing research, initiating a contact, or taking notes)
  •     Your income level is stuck but you don’t have time to take on more clients

Here are 3 tips for turning over-coaching into just-right coaching:

Tip 1: You Don’t Need To Always Be “On” In Order To Serve Your Clients

Ironically, the more ways clients can reach you, the less valuable your services will be perceived. Start by reserving your private line for a few elite clients.

As your business grows, ask your assistant to field client questions. You’ll be surprised what a great job they can do on your behalf, and your clients will feel supported.

Tip 2: Set A Gold Standard About Your Time (Your Clients Are Noticing)

Unless it’s an occasional exception, coaching sessions should end on time, every time. This way, you’re signaling your clients to quickly get to the heart of what they want help with, to be prepared for your time together, and to respect both you AND themselves.

Remember, your clients are watching to see what you allow, and how you run your business. By having clear standards that you maintain throughout your relationship, you’re serving as an outstanding role model.

Tip 3: Stop Volunteering During A Coaching Session

Coaching sessions shouldn’t generate extra work for YOU. So if you’re tempted to say, “I’ll find the name of that book/article/resource for you”, stop! Instead, share with your client what you remember about the resource, then ask them to find it for themselves.

If you need to send your client a document that you have on your computer, find it while you’re on the phone with them and send it before completing the session. Better yet, pop an email over to your assistant to send it for you.

Trust me, your clients will appreciate both how efficient you are, and how focused you stay during your sessions with them.

Making These Little Changes Will Up Your Game, Helping You To Acknowledge Your Value…and Helping You Create Greater Profits While Being of Service

Powerful and profitable coaches are fully and passionately present. When you raise the bar using these simple tips, you’ll quickly find yourself falling back in love with coaching, and feeling energized and ready to serve with grace and ease!

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