Resilience: Building Your Personal Bridge

by Janet Gomez

As part of my studies I'm working a 9-5 job for a few months. I've managed to find a position in an organisation where the CEO is open to her staff having yoga exercise sessions, so one of my tasks is to offer daily yoga classes.

My inspiration today - an article I recently read about resilience and the responses from my new colleagues/ corporate students when I asked them what they expected from the  yoga sessions.

Responses included :"no expectations" "a small break to help relax and rejuvenate", "to convince myself that yoga is good", "relax"  "getting back to meditation practice".

After the second session, one participant spontaneously shared with me why he'd initially been resistant to yoga. I was deeply touched.

I had explained how the word yoga means Union, and how it can be interpreted as a chance to make a "connection between one's inner self and values and one's work in the outer world" - Karen Tse.

In an article I recently read the theme of resilience came up and how to cultivate it by moving the focus from our projects to ourselves. I invite you to read the article here.

We lead busy lives and may often feel we don't have the time to do x, y, z. It's then, I feel, that we need to stop and contemplate, to gain focus to make the connection (again).

Both Ayurveda and yoga offer many techniques and strategies to reach this space. While I've previously shared with you recipes to nourish you on a physical level, I invite you to  try the following short meditation technique that I learned during my studies in the USA from one of my teachers of Ayurveda, Dr Vasant Lad.

So-hum meditation

1. Sit quietly, close your eyes and watch your breath, tongue touching the palate behind the teeth.
2. After a minute or so, on the inhalation silently add the word "So" and on the exhalation "hum"
3. With "So" you are inhaling and nourishing yourself with the breath of life, life energy, with "hum" you are exhaling ego and limitation, all that does not serve you at all levels.
4. Continue for 5 to 10 minutes.
5. Finish by gently placing your palms over your eyes and bringing them down to your lap when ready. Sit in contemplation for a few moments before rising.

What's next?

Choose a time to practise this exercise in the coming week.
Feel free to share your feedback with me.
I'm happy to answer your questions  so feel free to contact me. :)

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