3 Steps to Your Next Profitable Offer

by Alicia Forest, MBA
The Business Shifter™

Do you get stuck when trying to figure out what to offer to your market next? Do you wonder if they'll buy what you put together for them?

Just follow these three steps to easily create your next successful offer:

Step 1: Know what your market WANTS

Be really clear on your market, what their problem is, and what your solution to that problem is. And more importantly, don't make the mistake of creating something that you think your market needs before you find out if it's something they want.

How do you find out what they want? Ask them!

Step 2: Fill in the holes in your Planned Profit Path™

In the business model I designed and teach, there are different offers at different price points. When deciding what to offer next, take a look at your Planned Profit Path™ and see where your next gap is and then fill it.

So, if you have a Free Taste and nothing in the less than $50 range at the first level of the Planned Profit Path™ that's the first gap you'll want to fill.

One way you can fill this gap is to take one of your larger offerings and modulize it to fill in a lower level of your Planned Profit Path™.

Advanced TIP: if you have a $50 product and it's selling really well, that's when you want to start creating something at the next level of the Planned Profit Path™ to offer, which would be at a higher price point.

Step 3: Create the Offer
Once you have identified the hole to fill you can start creating your next product, program or service.

Knowing what level you're creating your product for will inform the end product. And you'll want to make sure your time and effort equals the price point.

Here are some examples to get you started. Know that your market may demand higher (or lower, but not much) price points:

Level 1: $50
- ebook
- CD
- print book
- journal/day planners
- teleseminar

Level 2: $200
- teleseminars - single or series
- e-manuals
- short group coaching programs
- two-part-multi-media module
- live workshops or seminars

And don't forget - create a product that you actually enjoy creating!

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