How She Does It: Shalakemia Moffitt CEO of IAMSHALAKEMIA

Shalakemia Moffitt is a visionary who is passionate about the success of others and is a high spirited professional business woman. 

In 2011 she launched her organization, Queen of the Curves, as well as her powerful brand, IAMSHALAKEMIA, and later down the road Princess of the Curves was created.

Shalakemia is not only the CEO of her own business, but she is also an advocate, a mentor and a motivational speaker. Each of her businesses were launched with a vision of positivity, motivation, and empowerment.

Shalakemia serves her community in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Deborah: Happy you could stop by the Secrets of Success blog. Please share some of your journey with us.

Shalakemia: Happy to be here, Deborah. I am a woman that has been through a lot of experiences that have changed me for the better. I am a woman that has survived some of the scariest test and trial seasons life could throw. I became a mother at 15, survived teenage domestic violence, overcame thoughts of suicide, battled with depression, was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor and struggled as a single mom.

My past was a nightmare but I God opened my eyes to see how these misfortunes could be used for his good. I refuse to allow my future to be the same as my past. I set out to inspire millions I have accomplished what people said I would never would...All thanks to God!

Deborah: Since May is Brain Tumor Awareness month, do you have any "lessons learned" from your experience that you feel may help others?

Shalakemia: I've learned so many lessons, but the one lesson I learned through being diagnosed with my tumor is everything we may think is bad isn't.  My tumor changed my life for the better.

After being diagnosed my relationship with God increased and it continues to strengthen every day. My eyes opened up when I was diagnosed and the meaning of life was much more clear to me. I had to start believing that God would not just allow my diagnosis to be the end of me. I told myself I won't just exist, I will live my life to the fullest and accomplish every goal I have set for myself.

Deborah: What are some of your successes and challenges?

Shalakemia: I would have to say my biggest success in life is using my gift for inspiring others. I say this is my biggest success because it is the goal I made for myself when I was just a little girl. Being so open about my life has made people comfortable enough to speak about their experiences and begin healing and moving forward. I feel that you have to be an example to inspire others, show people what you have been through and how you got through it so they can be inspired to push forward. As far as challenges, I've had my fair share but I prayed straight through them.

One of my biggest challenges has been raising my two sons without their father. As a single parent of two boys you don't alway know how to take of their needs as young men, but I adapted and made sure to provide my kids with whatever they needed so that they could grow up as respectful young men.

Deborah: What's your vision for what you'd like to accomplish?

Shalakemia: My vision is to continue to create a positive foundation. A foundation that encourages, inspires and motivates people.

Deborah: Thanks so much for sharing your message with us! Please share website and social media URLs.

Shalakemia: You're welcome, Deborah! Here they are:

Website :
Facebook :
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Instagram :

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