What to Sell When You Speak

by Lisa Sasevich

A lot of people ask me what they should sell in various speaking environments—or what they should do if they're told they can’t sell at all.

I’m going to make this decision super easy for you, so that you can start getting the right tools together and be ready for any situation.

Directly from our "Leveraged Progression Plan for Speakers" is what to offer in three different speaking scenarios:

When You Can’t Sell, Give, Give, Give

If you only have 30 minutes or less to speak, that’s generally not enough time to develop and deliver an effective Irresistible Offer. So if you don’t have enough time to give a solid talk, or if you’ve been told that you can’t sell at all, what you want to do, instead, is give, give, give, and collect leads to connect with later.

What do you give? You can give a free gift or a strategy session or a complimentary office appointment. You can do a raffle or a drawing for one of your products or services. That gives you the opportunity to unabashedly promote the prize, because you have to let them know what they could win. You can also invite people to sign up for a free teleseminar or webinar that takes your talk a lot deeper and gets them into your own selling zone.

When you can't sell, give, give give. More here.

When to Get ‘Em Going

When you’re speaking for 60-90 minutes at a live event or teleseminar or webinar, and the audience is not highly invested—meaning they might be there for free or they didn’t have to travel or invest much of their time—or if they’re not totally your tribe, you want to make an entry-level or low-ticket offer up to $2,000.

This is the category for most Speak-to-Sell events, where you’re looking to serve more people through a larger quantity of sales, rather than serving only a few at the high-ticket level. This approach is also great for testing new concepts.

When to Go For It!

When you’re speaking live before an audience, and you have 75-90 minutes to go through your entire Signature Talk and Irresistible Offer, and your audience is your tribe, and they’re highly invested with money, travel, and time, that’s when you want to consider going for it. Make that high-ticket offer of $2,000 or more!

If you’ve assessed your audience well, you can make big money and get awesome action-taking clients. However, since it’s all or nothing, if it doesn’t go well, the results can be disappointing. For instance, I once spoke at a speaking bootcamp that I thought was my tribe, but they weren’t, and I only sold three tickets at $4,000. Now who can complain about a $12,000 day? But if my offer had been a version with less private coaching for only $997, I would have gained a lot more clients, who would likely have gone on to invest in our higher-level trainings.

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