3 Dimensions of Change

by Gina Spriggs

I know I am not alone in reeling from the dramatic effects of change.

While trolling the internet, I found something about the 3 Dimensions of Change in Business, but took the liberty of applying these principles to life itself.

Why people think that “business” is separate from “personal life” is beyond me. The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

The 3 Dimensions of Change include:
1. The cause of change

2. The effects of change

3. The environments for implementing change

Cause of Change:
Often the change we experience was out of our control, and unpredicted. Whatever the cause of change is, we do best when we embrace it, and take action from your heart. Most of us rigidly cling to the past, even if it’s painful – to avoid change. Responding from your heart may not make sense, but feels right. Another thing we must all do is open up our energy field to allow change with ease. Shrinking to change doesn’t make it go away or “go back to the way things were”, it merely keeps you stuck. And that’s often painful.

Effects of Change:
If you move forward while looking back, you will eventually bump into something. The opportunity here is to ask yourself “What are the benefits of these new changes?” When you ask empowering questions to the Universe, you get empowering answers. Also, your environment contains elements that can promote or inhibit the success of change.

Change and Your Environment:
Your environment includes everything from your body, to your home…even your pets and car! Make the necessary adjustments while caring for all of these “environments.”I’m re-learning the importance of self-care these days. My schedule went from having mostly “me time”, to (what often feels like) no “me time” at all. I merely have to get up earlier, and schedule time for “just me.”

Whatever change is being initiated in your life right now, know this: You have been here before. Now, you have experience as your guide.

Trust that you did this before (whatever “this” is) and you can do it again.

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