The Entrepreneurial Gender Gap

 October is Women's Small Business Month

In 2005 I was a corporate employee. Then, in the fall of that year, I was a business owner. It was something I'd dreamed about since I'd left high school, but back in the day entrepreneurship wasn't the thing. I didn't know anyone to model and wasn't sure what to do.

So, when I graduated from college, I went into the fashion industry. That was fun, but the pay wasn't the best. Eventually after many lay-offs, I changed careers. I became a computer programmer and ultimately got a job at AT&T.

For a lot of years I lived the corporate lifestyle. Better pay, long hours and the belief that I would have job security. That "security" ended several years later. That's when the world changed and I realized that the future was going to be a lot different. Job security was going away. That's when I revived my old dream of being a business owner. That's when I made the decision.

Business ownership has many challenges. I'm not going to pretend it doesn't. But there's also excitement and the potential to create something new. The sky can be the limit. I think that women have embraced entrepreneurship because they're tired of the limitations of the glass ceiling. They want to bring better things into the world. They want to make opportunities for others - for their families and their communities.

That's why I created the Secrets of Success blog and why I created Women Entrepreneurs Radio™. I wanted to talk to other women with dreams and desires for more. To do more and to be more. To grow beyond the limitations that too many workplaces put on us. We want to design our lives and make a better world. 

We can do it too.

In spite of the gender gaps, the differences in funding, the gatekeepers that try to stand in our way -- we can do it. We can make a difference.

Let's commit to make a difference and use our ideas and our inventions and our dreams to make a better world.


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