Author Q&A: "Eat One Half Make Weight Loss Easy" by O. Bey, MD

Omar Bey, M.D., FCCP is a board certified pulmonary critical care physician. A native of New Jersey he practices medicine in Newark, working in the profession for 29 years. 

A newly-published author, Dr. OBey’s book titled, “EAT One/Half Make Weight Loss Easy” is the result of working to change the eating habits of patients suffering from excessive weight. 

In addition to the book, he is the originator of the newly launched online weight loss support tool, the EAT One/Half Weight Loss Network. Currently, he serves as host to Newark’s medical cablevision TV Show “A Moment in Medicine.

Deb Bailey: Welcome to the Secrets of Success blog, Dr. Bey. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your book. Please share what it's about.
 Dr. Omar Bey: Glad to be here, Deb. The book is about making weight loss easy through use of the EAT One/Half Weight Loss Plan. It describes three practical features in order to achieve lasting weight loss: 1) A person has to follow through on the commitment to target success as it is a fundamental principle for staying with the plan, 2) A person has to realize that everyone is an individual and we like different foods, but for the purpose of this weight loss approach high calorie foods are cut in half and low calorie foods are increased by one half. In applying this approach with all meals and snacks in between, a person successfully cuts calorie intake over a 24 hour period, and 3) each person has a different metabolic rate. So for most of us behavior modification is a mandatory, and does require an eating lifestyle change.

EAT One/Half emphasizes how unique we are as individuals with different eating habits, taste preferences, metabolic rates, and diverse dietary influences. All of which affect our ability to lose weight. The book presents 14 simple steps to guide you through losing and maintaining lasting weight loss.

Deb: I agree that a program that can be tailored to each unique individual sounds very appealing. What inspired you to come up with the idea for your book?

Dr. Bey: Early on in my career as a Pulmonary Critical Care Physician, it was obvious that overweight and obese patients with serious medical problems experienced increased morbidity and mortality. So over the years, I devoted time in my medical practice to help patients lose fat, maintain weight loss, and improve their health. Many of them urged me to write a book because they knew people who could benefit from the EAT One/Half approach. 

Deb: No doubt you're a very busy person! When it comes to writing, what's your routine?

Dr. Bey: My writing routine is unusual, because weekday and weekend schedules are super busy. Besides, it is hard for me to sit and write, or type out my thoughts, especially since I think faster than I write. So, the saving grace was buying a new cell phone and realizing I could dictate my thoughts. I began emailing my dictation to the home computer, and then I would copy and paste my thoughts into Word. It worked like magic because I could be creative at anytime and anywhere, which was perfect for my busy schedule.

Deb: Who do you think will benefit most from reading your book?

Dr. Bey: The EAT One/Half book can be beneficial to anyone interested in using a healthy approach in the effort to lose and control weight. Ideas and practices explained in the book are easy to integrate into any lifestyle. The EAT One/Half plan is unique because it allows you to eat most of your favorite foods and avoid the terrible feeling of being punished. Moreover, the book is supportive, inspiring, and encouraging as it helps you be successful in achieving your desired weight loss goal.

Deb: Where can people find your book?

Dr. Bey: My book can be found on these sites:

Deb: Thanks again for sharing your book with us, Dr. Bey. Please share your website and social media URLs.

Dr. Bey: Thanks for inviting me, Deb. Here are my links.
FB: Eat One Half
Instagram: eatonehalf
Twitter: eatonehalf
You Tube: Eat One Half

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