Following Your Inner Guidance

by Elena Camp

Somedays I feel inspired to read several books, create new classes and study internet marketing.

Other days, I don't feel like doing much at all. I sometimes worry that I am not being productive and then my inner guidance reminds me to act from inspiration and not "shoulds."

I teach others how to work with energy to create and manifest the lives they want. I tell them that you can accomplish more from doing energy work than physical action alone. Invariably, I still succumb to the belief in our society that you should work hard to be successful. Gently, Spirit reminds me that I am an energy guide and I know the laws of the universe. Creation begins in the spirit realm, not the physical realm.

Take the time to do your energy work before you begin any task. Gain clarity around your purpose, intent and motivation prior to taking any action. Clarity saves time and energy. Taking action after you have done your energy work will lead to inspired action. Inspired action is joyful, easy and effortless.

When I take "inspired" action, I can create much more in 2 or 3 hours, than I could all day when I am not feeling motivated. When you are inspired you are connected to Source Energy, the Energy that creates worlds.

About the author: Elena Camp is an Energy Guide and Law of Attraction Trainer. She teaches practical tools and processes to help her clients leverage spiritual laws and principles to create joyful, abundant lives.

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