10 Useful Blogging Tools for Every Blogger

by Vijay Nagar

If you’ve been wondering where you can find some of the best blogging tools, then you have come to the right place. This article is all about the best blogging tools available in the market which will help you become a successful blogger and make you productive at the same time.
With the blogging world growing each day, it becomes important for you to make it stand out and with the help of right blogging tools you can easily achieve this aim.

So without any further ado, let’s jump on to the list of some of the ultimate blogging tools that every blogger must definitely use:

1. Buffer

Buffer is one of the best tools when it comes to managing all social media accounts in one place. It makes it easy for bloggers, marketing teams, and businesses to analyze their performance, schedule posts, and manage all their social media from one place. Instead of going to 6 different networks, you can simply check analytics and schedule content for all your social accounts in just one place. Moreover, Buffer publishes your social posts automatically, as per the posting schedule you’ve put in place.

2. Grammarly

If you are a blogger then you just cannot miss out on this tool. Grammarly ensures proper spelling and grammar in your article/blog post. A good article/blog is that which is free from any grammatical errors, and Grammarly is just the perfect tool to write error-free posts. You can directly type and write in the app so that you can easily click on the corrections without any interruptions in the flow.

3. SEMRush

SEMRush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit for all your digital marketing needs. Its one of the most powerful tools every blogger should use to grow their search engine traffic. With the help of this one tool, you can do everything pertaining to SEO, social media, and content. You can collect brand mentions, discover trending topics, seize new promotional opportunities, adjust content based on the engagement data, and much more. You can also build the most effective social media strategy, discover best-performing posts, do technical SEO audit, and more.

4. Evernote

Evernote helps you feel organized without any effort. It helps you capture and prioritize ideas, to-do lists, projects, and more to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and you can focus on what matters the most to you. With Evernote, you can never lose track of your deadlines and tasks, manage everything from personal moments to big projects, and capture inspiration and ideas in pictures, notes, and voice.

5. Wordpress

If you are thinking of starting your own blog, then nothing can beat WordPress in that case. It is one of the best blogging platforms available on the web. It is easy to use, free, comes with a lot of customization options, and is absolutely user-friendly. It is an open source software that you can use to create your own beautiful blog, website, or an app. Almost 32% of the web uses WordPress, from biggest online sites to hobby blogs! Some of its features include:

● SEO friendly
● Customizable designs
● High performance
● Easy and accessible
● Powerful media management
● High security

6. Sendible

Sendible is one of the best social media management tools for bloggers, businesses, or agencies. It is simply the best way for teams to manage social media and get desired results. It helps you to be more productive, irrespective of whether you are focusing on a campaign for one brand or hundreds. It manages all your activities pertaining to social media from a centralized hub. This tool will definitely save your hours each day without sacrificing the quality so that you can get back to doing the stuff which is more important like lead generation, content creation, etc.

7. Revive Old Post

Revive old Post makes sharing posts automatic and easy. It helps you keep your content alive and grow your social media presence. It directly integrates with your WordPress posts and picks up a post randomly from your archive to be shared at the intervals you choose. It is basically a WordPress plugin which is built to pick up your old content and share it on autopilot on all your social media accounts. It supports all the popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

8. Wordable

Wordable lets you instantly export Google Docs into WordPress. Draft your content and collaborate on Google Docs like you normally do and export it into WordPress seamlessly by clicking just one button. The tool is just perfect for solo bloggers, blog editors, and content managers. It exports Google Docs as a draft so that you make any final adjustments and then schedule and publish it. Copy pasting your content from Google Docs to WordPress is a very time-consuming thing, but Wordable is a faster and a better way to export your content, thus saving a lot of your time.

9. Copyscape

How would you feel if you write something with full dedication but it gets rejected because of a failed plagiarism test? All your efforts will go in vain. Which is why every blogger and writer should use a plagiarism checker tool like Copyscape every time before sending or posting their content anywhere. It is very important that you crosscheck on Copyscape whatever you’ve written to make sure that it is unique and does not exist anywhere else on the web. It is trusted by millions across the globe and is one of the best plagiarism detection solution available online.

10. Trello

Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done in less time. Its cards, lists, and boards enable you to prioritize and organize your projects in a rewarding, fun, and flexible way. This project management tool makes it easy for you to create an editorial calendar for your blog. You can literally do everything that you need to manage your blogging process such as adding multiple team members, setting due dates, creating tasks, and a lot more.

I hope this curation helped! I am sure these will help you become more productive, make your blog grow even more, and drive more traffic to it. What are your thoughts about them? Do you know any other important tool not mentioned in this list which is equally important? If yes, then share them with me in the comments below.

Happy blogging!


Business Networking Tips for your Successful Start-Up

by Kyra

If you are the owner of a business or an aspiring professional, then business networking is essential for the success of your business/ career. But not all individuals/ entrepreneurs are good at it. Networking involves meeting people from different backgrounds and developing mutually beneficial relationships for the long run.

It has been found that professionals/ business owners across different sectors don't think networking is necessary and due to this practice, they are missing out on several career/ business growth opportunities. Networking can be considered a full-time job under which individuals, as well as businesses, should build a solid professional network, even before they require it.

How can a business network help individuals and businesses?

Business networking requires time and energy from both individuals and businesses. This will help to develop a good network of contacts which consists of professionals as well as firms. Networking may seem daunting to many, but it's a skill which requires an individual to be bold and confident while approaching a group of strangers, greeting them and starting engaging conversations.

In the beginning, it might seem difficult, but once it becomes a regular practice, the networker automatically improves his/her skill and this will, in turn, prove beneficial for career/ business opportunities.

Merits of Business Networking

Networking can produce exceptional results for individuals/ businesses:

For business owners:

• A business owner can increase their brand's visibility by visiting all social and business-related events which are conducted in their area or outside.

• A business owner should focus on developing an effective network of partners which will help them as well as their partners to identify new business opportunities for one another. After all, networking is a mutually beneficial practice.

• Networking is a great tool which business owners can use to conduct executive searches. This is done by approaching contacts directly or indirectly to get information about important individuals who have the potential/ experience to accelerate business growth.

• As a business owner, the focus should also be on making your presence felt in your community. A good reputation will also help in attracting and retaining talented employees.

• Try to create a diverse network of business people as well as professionals. This will help to share and learn creative ideas within that community.

• There are many business networking events which revolve around fundraising and volunteering. Such events are a great platform to build acquaintances with people working for the development of society and various other issues.

• Build a strong network with employees within your organization. This will help to get work done more smoothly and also create mutually beneficial relationships.

For individuals/ working professionals:

• Online social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are a great way for individuals as well as professionals to build an online network of like-minded people. This medium will help people to share their views and ideas, and it is also suitable for those who are not comfortable in a face-to-face setting. It's up to you whether you want to create a local community or one which reaches people located all over the world.

• Build a strong network within your organization with co-workers. This will help to get work done more smoothly and also create mutually beneficial relationships.

• The best part about networking is that it also helps to build friendships. Yes, business networking is important, but making friends with that networking can help to build more trust and also makes the interaction more exciting and fun.

Final Words:

Successful business networking should never be done for achieving self-interests. While building strong network individuals as well as businesses should be focused on the needs of others and how they can be fulfilled. This will help to build trust and understanding between both partners. Also, you can rest assured that these efforts will come back to you in the most unpredictable and unexpected ways. Lastly, when the focus shifts towards others, then the networker develops a sense of self-awareness. This is the moment when individuals/ business owners can relate to the issues others might be facing, or they can also implement ideologies, strategies as well as the vision of other thinkers into their business/ career growth activities.

Author Bio:

Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – an IT Recruitment Agency. She specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, CV sourcing, CEO Executive Search, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/Alliancerecruitmentagency/
Twitter:- https://twitter.com/career_alliance


This is Why You Want a Woman as Your Real Estate Agent!

by Ashley Lipman

In addition to hiring a real estate agent who is business savvy and tech savvy, you should also keep one critical aspect in mind – their gender! In the current age, gender equality is being demanded increasingly.

In fact, there’s no denying that a couple of skills allow one gender to fare better than the opposite gender.

So, the question arises; what makes a female real estate agent more effective than a male agent? For starters, it’s dangerous to make blanket generalizations about genders, but you can’t deny that women make for great real estate agents. If you are still not convinced, maybe the top five reasons below on why you want a woman as your real estate agent will.

Better Communications Skills

In his 1992 best-seller, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,” author John Gray argues that each gender’s communication styles are so diverse that it’s difficult for them to understand one another. Research goes further to reinforce this notion by indicating that women process language more fluently and effectively compared to men. Female real estate agents are more adept at tailoring their communication by mirroring their language, therefore easier for them to create a deeper rapport.

Further research indicates that women are better at interpreting facial expressions and voice tones. These traits help a real estate agent who is listening to you and figuring out the real meaning of the property you want from your spoken words – an essential skill in the industry.

An Eye for Details

Ok, some men do stop and notice their wife’s new haircut the minute she goes through the door. However, overall, women are much better at noticing the details. For example, women real estate agents can notice details in a simple apartments Frisco listing that men don’t.

Furthermore, women are more likely to remember their prospects’ coffee choice, hobbies and even names of their kids or pets. On follow meets and calls, they will use the details as conversation starters, making their clients feel someone is paying attentions – establishing a connection in the process. And these connections get sales.

Stereotypes Serve a Purpose!

Unfortunately, stereotypes about women such as they are thin-skinned, prone to mood swings and overly emotional are still prevalent. Therefore, a successful female real estate agent is likely to stand out, at least to some of their prospects’ perception, as having overcome these obstacles. If she’s able to keep pace with the real estate big boys, clients may reason (unconsciously) she is good.


While location, location, location is the key to selling a home, persistence is the number one component to closing that deal. Did you know 80 percent of sales are never closed until after the fifth or more follow up? Fortunately, women are used to been persistence to achieve what they want. It’s a possibility that this natural ability to keep asking, trying and not taking no for the final answer is hardwired in women. Whichever it is, the persistence trait serves women well, particularly when selling houses.

The Need to Prove Something

By 2017, there were only 32 female CEOs in the Fortune 500 companies. No matter the industry, a woman has to work harder than men not only to get ahead, but to hold her ground. When a woman goes into real estate, a male dominated industry once, you can be sure that she’s working her hardest to prove she can win.


These reasons may be the reason why there are more female real estate agents all over the United States. Working with a woman agent ensures that you get more money!


"How To Overcome Self Doubt, Kick Fear In The Face And Go Big" with Business Coach Nadia Finer on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Show #480

Topic: "How To Overcome Self Doubt, Kick Fear In The Face And Go Big" 

Nadia will share:

- How to overcome self-doubt and embrace your uniqueness (a.k.a. quirk). -
Finer’s quirk? A voice so little callers to her home often ask for a parent!

- How to scale your business in a way that works for you—and averts burnout.

-Strategies include packaging services, launching a membership site, automating and delegating wisely (tip: never outsource your specialty), and raising prices.

Nadia Finer is one of the UK’s most respected business coaches. She's the author of "LITTLE ME, BIG BUSINESS: How to Grow Your Small Business, Increase Your Profits and Go Global (in Your Pajamas)" published in September 2018. She understands the realities of running a one-woman business from experience.  

Nadia knows what it takes for motivated, self-started small business people to make a very comfortable living, whether it be from the comfort of home or a workstation somewhere else. Rather than courting investors and raising start-up capital, she urges  independent business persons to focus, first and foremost, on themselves. 

Once a small business person gets clear what she does best and what makes her stand out from the crowd, she can then move on to building relationships, gaining clients, and achieving the ultimate goals for any business: big profit and big impact. Nadia has been featured in media from The Guardian to Marie Claire to BBC-TV.




Your Career Won’t Wake Up One Morning and Tell You It Doesn’t Love You

by Heather Hernandez

How to Get Through a Divorce and Keep Doing You

When the process of divorce is in the early stages, there are a wave of emotions. You might feel vastly relieved. You might have even felt like your marital issues were putting a crimp in your style or sabotaging your business in some way.

Divorce is a two-edged sword: a sadness over a failed marriage and a relief that you can be you again. The divorce process itself is a time of healing. It is also a time for empowerment.

Life doesn’t come to a screeching halt because you have decided to make a change in everything that is normal to you. This is especially true when you have your own business. When you are in control of making your own living, things cannot come to a sudden halt because one part of your life changed. You still need to keep moving forward. Your clients need you. Your business needs you. The fact is, you need you. As many divorced entrepreneurs can tell you: your business might be your saving grace.

Change Can Be Good

While some people are unwilling to admit or accept this, marriage in and of itself changes you, or rather you change to fit your marriage. Did it strengthen or weaken you? Did you like the changes that it brought out in you? No matter how you answer those questions, they made you think. Now think about this: What part of your marriage changed you in ways you both did and didn’t like? Who were you before you were married?

As an entrepreneur, there is one more question that needs to be asked: Who have you become since you started your own business? This is the person you need to focus on. Chances are that the person who started the business is the one who takes center stage. You no longer need to focus on taking care of your marriage. You can pour more focus on your business and make it an even greater success. But if there were good things that came from your marriage that made your business better, then hold on to them. Learn from them. Incorporate the good and walk away from the bad.

Let Your Business Heal You

What is it that drove you to start your own business? For most people, it is something that comes from deep within. Perhaps you were unhappy working for others. Perhaps you knew that you would be better on your own. Whatever drove you to start your business is also what took hold and helped you succeed. This same drive can, and will, help you get through the divorce process. Just remember that you are an entrepreneur first and one of many successful divorced entrepreneurs second.

By focusing on your business, you have little time to focus on the other things going on in your life. Your business is a part of you. It is not going anywhere. It needs you more than ever now. By putting more energy into your business, you will find yourself healing from your divorce more quickly.

Your business would not be successful if it wasn’t your primary focus. Chances are that the issues leading up to your divorce took time away from your business. Now that those distractions are being removed from your life, your business cannot help but grow.

While going through a divorce isn’t easy in any way, if your business becomes more profitable as a result of it, you will find yourself healing much more quickly than others going through the divorce process. You would not be successful if you were anything less than driven. Use that same drive to propel yourself forward with your business. The less you focus on the negative, the more the positive can come through. Positive thoughts and actions mean more money to the successful entrepreneur. By focusing on the positive, you can feel better, hold your chin up, and succeed like never before.

Probably the most important thing to remember is that you will always be you. Being divorced just gives you a better opportunity to focus on you and your business.

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