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Monday, December 1st 

Patricia Eslava Vessey of Integrity Coaching & Training Systems

Patricia Eslava Vessey is the founder of Integrity Coaching & Training Systems, a multifaceted life coaching, training and wellness company.

Her company provides leadership and wellness coaching and training, staff development, team building, personal growth workshops, and wellness and fitness programs to groups, individuals, and youth. Through coaching, consulting and training, Integrity Coaching & Training Systems helps people make heartfelt life changing choices in order to create lasting and extraordinary results.

In addition, she's had a parallel career in the fitness/wellness field for 28 years. She's a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and lifestyle and weight management consultant and life and wellness coach. She currently teach a variety of fitness classes including step, weight training, cardio salsa, yoga and Pilates.

She graduated from Academy for Coach Training in 2005 and became ICF certified in 2006.

Patricia is in her glory, fully expressing her (Core Heart Essence) CHE when she is able to help others transform limiting beliefs and behaviors into successful and honoring self-discovery. She believes deeply and passionately in creating a healthy inner life, filled with compassion, love, appreciation, and commitment to ourselves. Creating this strong foundation first she knows, will help us face any obstacle with confidence, and serve as a platform for creating the life experiences we desire.

Wednesday, December 3rd

Jackie Nees of Integrity Office Solutions

Jackie Nees is a Virtual Assistant, and the owner of Integrity Office Solutions. Jackie offers administrative and marketing support to small business owners and specializes in working with women entrepreneurs. Her primary focus is helping women who want it all, have it all.

Jackie is passionate about the power of online marketing, particularly in the area of social media and enjoys helping others achieve success in their businesses by exploring and utilizing the many avenues available to them through marketing on the internet. Jackie has a background in administrative assistance and office management and also has an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design.

Friday, December 5th 

Elizabeth Cassidy of Branching Out Life Coaching

Certified Lifestyle and Transition Coach, Elizabeth Cassidy, started Branching Out Life Coaching with the belief that women shouldn't let the economy stall their dreams. There are creative solutions for today's challenges. It all starts with embracing change and not fear.

Her clients are women who learn to give themselves permission to become fearless and fabulous as they fall in love with the lives they know they want to be living. As a client's advocate, elizabeth will be there to offer support, motivation and accountability along with chocolate when needed. Change your perspective and change your life. Branching Out Life Coaching - a safe haven for women and their dreams.

How She Does It: Courtney Robinson Feider

business workplace
An interview with Courtney Robinson Feider, of adrian + sabine creative services.

What is your business – or your business idea?

I own a business called "adrian + sabine creative services" and my tag line is "matching business with creativity." My goal is to fill a niche between advertising/traditional agencies and marketing departments in order to help businesses expand their creative vision or to help creative people find a positive business path/opportunities to collaborate with mainstream businesses.

Why did you to start it – what is your compelling story?

I'd spent 10 years in the corporate marketing/advertising agency world as a Marketing Administrator (running a department for a pharmaceutical research company) and in various agencies as an Account Services person. I'm also a fine artist, focusing on watercolor and mixed media. I found that my creative side was slowly dying. I was always being pigeon-holed as an "account" person. The future for these roles wasn't as bright as the future as a member of the creative class, expressing a unique hybrid of my organizational and creative talents. I am one of a very rare "breed" of organized and strategic artists.

Starting my own business also allowed me the freedom schedule-wise to become a mother (by coincidence I was surprised by a pregnancy less than a month after starting my adventure). Now I have two "children" - a 6 month old baby, and a 11 month old business!

What are your lessons learned?

Mistakes are part of the process. So is evolution and being comfortable with completely changing course/vision as it's necessary to fulfill ambitions and also succeed. I realized that I need to work at my "highest and best" and to delegate other tasks to contract resources. I am in the process of turning all of my books and invoicing over to an accounting professional.

I know that handing these things to appropriate people will help free up my time to pursue new business and grow my company and opportunities. The more time I spend at "highest and best" the more rapidly my business grows and the happier I am when I come home to my baby and husband.

How are you handling the business part - business plan, marketing, etc.

Business plan is something that I need to revisit and refine. I didn't initially take out financing for my business, so I am just now getting to the point where a record of that plan is really essential. Marketing is my business, so I am lucky in that sense. However, I have stayed incredibly busy by referral only - the upside to doing an excellent job for my clients is being referred by clients and friends everywhere. I work locally, regionally, and nationally, so my opportunities extend well beyond my little community.

I feel very fortunate for the positive "PR." I need to spend more focused time on the accounting side of my business and cost of projected growth. My advice for anyone in shoes similar to mine is to seek outside assistance with these matters.

How do you define success in your business?

Providing customer service at its highest and reaping the reward of being referred to a new person or business by a client who is delighted with my work. That and becoming increasingly profitable, of course.

What advice would you give to a woman who wants to start a business some day?

Dream big, write everything down, get a lot of input from friends/family/associates (but don't take it more seriously than your own opinions), and look for opportunities that cannot be outsourced - like creativity, strategy, services or products unique to you as a person. Find someone great to help with business and marketing planning, and always "audit" your success in terms of your business and it's relationship to lowered stress and balance in your life.

I think business ownership can only truly be successful if it fits into your lifestyle. The support of close friends and family is essential, and I strongly recommend forming a Mastermind group to bounce ideas off of other business owners (http://www.passionforbusiness.com/articles/mastermind-group.htm or Google "Napoleon Hill - Mastermind Groups"). It gets lonely sometimes with no co-workers/peers.

Courtney Robinson Feider, adrian + sabine creative services


The Beginning

The idea of starting an internet talk show was in the back of my mind for months. Finally I decided to make the leap and started "Women Entrepreneurs - The Secrets of Success" on Blog Talk Radio in November 2008.

Within a week of my sending out a query to my contacts, I had shows scheduled through January 2009. That's when I realized I had something here. So I placed a query on Help A Reporter Out (HARO), thinking I'd get maybe 25 or 50 more responses if I was lucky. To my surprise when the query went out I received over 300 responses within 24 hours. Yes, I had something here.

Most of my excitement is because I finally feel as though I'm connected with my purpose. I've always wanted to know how other women entrepreneurs got started, what their challenges were and how they stayed motivated. I also remember how it was years ago when I was in my corporate job, wanting to go into business and having no idea how to begin.

My mission is to connect the woman entrepreneur with the woman who (right now) just has an idea. It's through working together that we can all succeed. This is the idea and the passion behind the show and this blog.

Update: Women Entrepreneurs Radio can now be found on many other platforms, including Podomatic and iTunes. Check here for links. 
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