The Friendship Stone

Jill Raff contacted me regarding the radio show, "Women Entrepreneurs - The Secrets of Success" which is how I was introduced to The Friendship Stone. I was intriqued by the story behind this product and I wanted to share this with you. It's a beautiful idea and I think that it would make a fantastic gift for the holidays and for any special occasion.

The Friendship Stone began on a visit to South Africa when a chance encounter led Cathy Raff, the founder of My Stone Company to notice the variegated Tiger’s Eye. What started with giving a few stones to a couple of friends soon grew into The Friendship Stone – a meaningful give-back gift of love, appreciation and gratitude.

The Friendship Stone is meant to serve as an important reminder of the bond of friendship. It is created using a Tiger’s Eye, semi-precious gemstone which displays an effect of a thin band of light, called Chatoyancy, that changes position as the stone is turned back and forth.

When Cathy saw this stone, it soon developed into a metaphor for living positively and she wanted to share its message with as many people as possible. The ability of the stone to change with the rays of light is an important notion for how one chooses to view life and friendship. Just like the stone’s appearance changes, the Friendship Stone symbolizes the power of choice, of positive thinking and of one’s own ability to alter his/her direction. Despite the circumstances, Cathy realized especially through her own trials and tribulations, how one should always look for the silver-lining in each situation.

Furthermore, The Friendship Stone’s structure is as beautiful, distinctive and irreplaceable as the people that comprise one’s life. Like the stone, each individual is unique and reflects Mother Earth’s magnificence. When you give The Friendship Stone as a gift, you are affirming your belief, confidence and support in the other person. The stone, small-enough to be permanently carried around, serves as a constant reminder of the importance of each individual in one’s life. By giving the Friendship Stone, and now one-of-a-kind Friendship Stone Jewelry, one provides a keepsake, an everlasting sign that no matter where the place or location, there will always be an enduring connection between those two particular individuals – even when in times when they are apart. The Friendship Stone reminds us that giving of our friendship is what truly matters in life. It is the people in our life that counts most.

The Friendship Stone makes a unique friendship gift which also gives back. 10% of all profits from The Friendship Stone product range go back to help the communities in Western South Africa from where the stones originate.

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