How to Make Positive Changes in Your Life

by Deborah A. Bailey

What are you attracting? Years ago a career coach told me that I had to work on becoming "irresistibly attractive." I didn't completely understand it at the time, but now I do. When we hear the word, "attractive" we usually think of physical appearance. That's what makeovers usually focus on, don't they? Changing the outside and expecting that the inside will just fall into place.

If you don't think you deserve a better job, a rewarding career or a successful business, how can you achieve it? How can you reach something if you don't feel you can have it? If I don't believe in my business, then it's not likely that I'll attract clients who want to work with me. It's also not likely that I'll be successful if I don't believe it's possible for me.

Even though I'd been dreaming of my own business for years, once I started it I didn't completely believe in it. I wondered how I could compete with more experienced entrepreneurs, and how I could attract people who saw value in what I could do for them. What I have learned is that if I don't think my work has value, I'm going to attract people who don't see the value either - and I certainly can't build a business that way.

Instead of complaining about what you have, think about what you want to accomplish. Do you want a new job, or to return to school or move to a new place? What steps are you taking to make those things happen?

1. Write down your ideas for the future. If you're going back to school, what courses do you want to take? If you want to move, where do you want to go?

2. Look at where you are now and write down the things you'll need to move forward.

3. Consider your everyday thoughts - do you go from believing you can reach your goals to being discouraged? You won't be able to move forward if you don't believe that that you can.

If you want to change for the better, then you have to believe in it. You have to be there on the inside long before you see the outside results.

Deborah A. Bailey is author of two non-fiction books including, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life .” She's also the creator and host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio, a weekly internet talk show. Her fiction work includes a short story collection and a novel, available on 
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