Stefanie Berry on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

A cosmopolitan background and an unshakeable spirit are what set SHOWORKS, Inc. president and executive producer Stefanie Berry apart from most event professionals. Born in Lakeland, FL, but raised in Nairobi, Kenya until the age of 15, Berry gained an appreciation for the intrinsic beauty of both the performing arts and the special events industry through the extracurricular activities she participated in as she was growing up.

Berry became a performer for the Kenya National Theater at the tender age of 10, and trained with experienced dancers and vocalists while she studied. She performed for the company for five years, until her family relocated to Atlanta, where she became a professional ballerina with the Atlanta City Center Dance Theater.

Although her educational and extracurricular background focused on performance, Berry's naturally upbeat personality led her to the world of advertising. She relocated to Tampa in 1995, where her attention turned from advertising to video production. Through various business contacts, Berry joined the team at Wizard Studios (at the time- biggest event company in Tampa).

Now, over 15 years later, Berry owns her own full-service event design, floral art, and production firm based in the Tampa, Florida area. Since 2001, she has been the provider of trendsetting and innovative events in the Tampa Bay and Naples market. She has garnered a loyal and diverse customer base with her innovative and visionary approach to events and hands-on client service. Her go-getter attitude and dedication to her work have earned her numerous accolades and award nominations.

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