Payson Cooper on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Payson Cooper was destined to make jewelry. As soon as she could hold a pencil, she began drawing tiny, beautiful pictures - always small, always neat.

As happens to many of us, Payson was side tracked from her art through school, but found inspiration and "education" through her years at the United Nations International School, the University of Wisconsin, and at the Sorbonne in Paris. Throughout these years, Payson was known for her unique artistic talent and for attracting the bling. Not only was jewelry the only thing she spent money on, but she constantly found gold, silver, and even diamonds on the street, in the sand, in buildings - everywhere.

Payson's gift sprung to life the moment she began a silversmith class at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City while desperately seeking her passion (doing everything from massage therapy and tending bar to working as a computer consultant for the City of New York). Jewelry exploded into her awareness as a form for her own creativity and she continued her studies in private schools, such as Fred de Vos' Wax Carving Studio, Cecilia Bauer Studios, GRS for engraving and stone setting, and with individual teachers including Tom Herman (Seven Fingers Jewelry) and Sam Alfano. Mastering 3D modeling software is the latest addition to the many skills she has acquired over ten years of study.

When designing, Payson follows her intuitive pull toward the curves, spirals, and lines of the natural world. And through meditation she allows inspiration to flow, creating in concert with the universe.

Payson offers her clients the opportunity to choose from her inspiring works or to bring their own thoughts and ideas for custom pieces. "The melding of two minds to create a beautiful work of art is like nothing else," she has said. "It is euphoric and exciting - an opportunity to create something greater than the sum of its parts."

View Payson Cooper's collections online at or contact her to create a unique and amazing expression of heart and soul. Payson Cooper is more than a jewelry designer - she is masterful and intuitive…and has built a reputation for distinctive jewelry that can inspire and transform lives.

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