Book Review - Secrets of Success - The Science and Spirit of Real Prosperity

"Secrets of Success - The Science and Spirit of Real Prosperity

This book picks up where "What the Bleep Do We Know?" and "The Secret" left off. Authors Sandra Anne Taylor and Sharon A. Klinger address how the law of attraction influences our lives.

Starting off with a forward by Candace B. Pert, Ph.D. (who appeared in the movie, "What the Bleep...") the book explores various topics including chakras, emotional energy, intuition and spirit-accelerated success. Prosperity is a state of mind and not just something achieved by hard work. In fact, once you have learned these principles, you may find yourself working a lot less and enjoying your business a lot more.

If you are interested in discovering these concepts in a detailed, yet easy to read format, you'll find this book extremely helpful and motivational.

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She has an amazing radio show on hayhouse on mondays! Definitely check it out.

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