Effortless New Revenue Streams

by Paula Pollock

There is something I really love about down economies: businesses really start thinking outside the box. I’m not talking about the big, layoff kings. Small and medium businesses start taking risks, looking for new opportunities and asking me, “What else can I do to get new business?” Some business models seem stuck in a cul-du-sac for most. The question I pose my clients is, “What non-competitive businesses want your clients?” This is where we find the FREE MONEY - affiliate programs!

Now, it’s well known that I came up through the ranks of corporate partnership programs. I saw first hand how poorly these mega-programs ran. A very few mega-agents or resellers made all the money and got all the attention. Hell, their executives dictated how the programs were run. It was as corrupt as a Blagojevich PR campaign. But, a smaller affiliate program run by businesses that have integrity could be your cash cow. Is there a service you always wanted to offer, but you don’t have the knowledge? Would products be a great addition to your service offerings? Or, do you have something others wish THEY can offer?

My Challenge or “Homework”: We all network or have preferred professionals we send business to and receive from. What can you offer their clients and how much can you incent them to always send those clients to you? Do they have something your clients would most certainly buy? Are they open to a paid referral program? (No? Send them to me - I’ll nudge them for you.)

Market to Your Potential Sales Staff - Do not ignore the shift in your target audience. When you discuss your program or talk to someone about their’s it’s still what’s in it for them. If you are intending a program of your own, be sure to offer a good incentive and easy access.

Think behind your usual boundaries. Those who do will find immense opportunities that will propel them well into the prosperity that awaits beyond the downturn. And, if you share my target audience - small to medium businesses - check out my Affiliate Program. It’s quite lucrative! http://www.paulapollock.com/Affiliates.html

Paula Pollock is Director of the Pollock Marketing Group: helping business owners attract consistent clients with less effort. To receive her quick-read, weekly marketing tips and her Special Report, “7 Client Attraction Secrets That Will Double Your Income,” sign up at: www.paulapollock.com

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