How She Does It: Jewelry Artist Dyane Bradley

by Dyane Bradley

I'm a Jewelry Artist and I sell my "Artwear" at High-end Art Festivals. At my June ‘08 Show, however, I realized I needed to make changes in my inventory. I love creating "Art" pieces, but though creating them feeds my soul; they tend to starve my bank account. My inventory was low on "bread and butter" pieces. I’d made several unsuccessful attempts at creating less elaborate Jewelry. Each time I'd sit down to work, my Muse would begin to whisper ideas that weren't consistent with what I wanted to create. It frustrated me that the "visions" for these pieces would vanish as quickly as the appeared. Usually I'd end up putting the supplies away without finishing anything, leaving the table frustrated and discouraged.

On one of those days I decided to go to Borders Books in downtown Long Beach. There was a little stationary store in the area that I wanted to visit. Each time I'd been in the neighborhood it had always been closed, even though it was supposed to have been open for business. This time when I went I was delighted to find it open. I went in, not knowing that the answer I'd been looking for was inside.

As I wandered around, the owner, who is a Wedding & Special event planner, complimented my earrings. When I told her that I'd made them, she asked if I made "Bridal" Jewelry. I replied, "No," but then I added that since I'd been making jewelry for 12 years I could make it. When she saw photos of my Art Jewelry, I could tell that she wasn't sure what “kind” of Jewelry I'd make. So, I told her that I was on my way to Borders Books. While there I would look at a few Bridal magazines, create samples, and make an appointment to share them with her.

It was then that I realized something amazing had stepped into my path! Here was a chance to create jewelry to fill my need for bread and butter pieces and give me something different to focus on.

I showed her the pieces. Once she got her mouth off the floor, she said she would send any clients seeking Handcrafted Bridal Jewelry to me.

Going to that stationary shop was like stepping through the door into a new world. I am very excited to have a new line of jewelry to sell and a new industry to conquer.

Artist Dyane Bradley creates and designs unique handcrafted jewelry. Visit her site to learn more about her collection.

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