Law of Attraction Tips for the New Year

by Elena Camp

Happy New Years Ladies,

I trust that you all have had great holidays filled with good food, good friends and good times ! I wanted to share some of the Law Of Attraction tips that work for me. These may help you create the year you want with ease !

1. Remember to get "unstuck" or more focused - gain clarity on your purpose, intent and motivation for your business.

2. Imagine that it is January 2, 2010, what does your life look like now that you lived 2009 deliberately and intentionally. How is it different ?

3. Scripting always helps me. Pretend your the scriptwriter for your life- write it out as if you are writing the script and you are the lead character. Writing speeds up the manifestation process.

4. When you are feeling doubtful or fearful, ask yourself " Why can things work out the way I want them ? " Answer this question on paper, shift your energy from fear to hope quickly and the LOA will bring you lots of reasons why it can work

5. Keep your success timeline posted in your office or somewhere you will see it daily and remember to update it often.

I am wishing you all much success, love and peace for '09 !

in love and light,

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