Networking Tip for the Week!

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by Vicki Elam

Good morning Ladies. Here are 10 simple tips to effective networking!

N- Meet new people and nurture your current network relationships.

E- Have empathy when you meet and work with people, look them in the eyes and know when it is time to exit.

T- Trust is critical. No one will help anyone else unless we have established trust and respect, something that takes time. Also, talk less and listen more.

W- There is work in the word network. Work pays off. Remember to stay in touch by writing notes or emails.

O- Organization is crucial. Everyone you meet is a new opportunity to learn and be a resource.

R- Reputation is also important when networking both online and offline. We want to establish rapport and build on the relationships we develop. Learn to reflect. When I introduce two people, I want to make sure they reflect well on the relationships I have already developed.

K- Knowledge is power only with execution. Kindness, as my father would always tell me, is a true strength.

I- Integrity is everything. Become truly interested in those you meet.

N- Sometimes we have to say “no.” Reputation is everything, along with trust. There are times when we have to go with our gut.

G- Set goals for yourself as you continually network. Be generous with your time and help. It will come back to you in the end.

Have a Fabulous week!

Vicki Elam is a consultant with Scentsy and founder of Women in Business Networking. WIB Networking is a non-profit business organization catering to women business owners, whose values include business ethics, creativity, respect and caring for each other, in a joyful and supportive environment. WIB is committed to helping women business owners grow both personally and professionally. Our mission is to empower women to achieve financial, business and personal success through support and networking.

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