How She Does It: Lydia Trvalec, Part 2

by Lydia Trvalec

What are your lessons learned?

The biggest lesson I learned that feed my business is: learn to take care of yourself first. Often we focus on everyone else around us and we forget about business we focus on building relationships with others...but we need to build one for ourselves as well. To be successful in anything, we need to learn to pay attention to ourselves and what we really want out of life.

When we do that, we have more energy for others...and we’re also more aware of our brilliances and strengths, what we’re good at. And this skill or art comes through developing self-awareness and from intuitive insight into ourselves. I could have stayed at my job and been miserable but instead choose to listen to what my body and my emotions were saying and choose to create a life that felt more right for me...and to create a life that reflected what I was good at and what resonated with me.

What advice would you give to a woman who wants to start a business someday?

To take the leap, build a framework of safety and security around you. To build a business and make a move or transition is scary and normal, right? It takes us out of our comfort zone. So, what we need to do is create a framework for ourselves that builds in security and safety. I suggest:

a) Getting informed, go out there and talk to people about their experiences or do some research online. When we are informed and have a sense of what we are getting into.

b) I also like to have an exit plan because it makes me feel safe and it’s an added level of comfort for me since I don’t feel trapped if something goes wrong. I can say to myself, okay, I wasn’t making money by such and such a time, so I can go out and get a part-time job or something. Find the things that feel comfortable for you, create a sense of security around yourself so you feel more confident and able to take a leap.

Connect with the wealth of resources around you. Look for programs in your area, training program or assistance programs, support organizations. Surround yourself with people out there who have been there and done that or are on the same path. The resources are there: LWL is one of them, I landed 2 interviews through this magnificent group. I also secured government funding for my business training, (which was free) for over 6 months.

Get a mentor. When you take a leap like that, you want the best people around you who have been there and done that and can guide you. When I started working with my mentor/coach I again took a huge gamble and took out a loan to pay for her...because I wanted the best. You can find a mentor in other ways, research online, ask for advice, go to seminars, read books. Some loan programs even have mentors that come along with it to increase success.

Take care of yourself. This is so hugely important. It’s the center of my coaching philosophy and it’s been my biggest lesson in all my life adventures. I highly encourage anyone who plans on building a business and going through some huge transition to take time out for you, get to know you and what you REALLY want, Why do you want to start your own business? What does it mean to you? How can you build a business that reflects your strengths? What are your strengths and what do you enjoy? Is this reflected in your business? When we are more connected to our business on a deeper level, this motivates us even more to be successful.

Lydia Trvalec is a distinguished graduate from one of Canada’s most prestigious universities. After realizing that her life lacked the meaning and fulfillment she needed, she surprised everyone by deciding to leave a promising academic future to move across the country with nothing but 2 suitcases and a dream! This was her first experience with stepping into her power and confidence. Lydia created Sassy Classy Coaching to help empower, support, and encourage young women to step into their power and confidence and create meaningful lives for themselves. Visit her at

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