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Guest Bridget Bardge shares her personal story.

My first job was at the age of 12 as a volunteer at East Orange General Hospital. From that experience I gained the courage to ask parents if they needed a good babysitter or tutor for their kids. Parents started calling on me for services and I’d negotiate prices and duties. I decided then and there I LOVE BUSINESS and wanted to be my own boss!

Years later after completing a year of Business in college I had to drop out to get a job and help support my family when my father was diagnosed with cancer; unable to work.

Ironically as a waitress back then I always made the highest in food sales and tips! I got a job working at a shoe store and within my first week on the job I outsold the other sales staff! My manager was amazed how I had managed to gain regular customers who came to the store to shop and talk to me.

After working at various jobs over the years from office assistant to store management building sales for other business owners I still wanted to be my own boss. Yet since I hadn’t completed college my bosses told me I didn’t have the chops to run a business on my own.

Then I got a job as a receptionist for an Insurance Agency. Without anyone asking me, I began sending referrals and leads to our other US offices. Regional Managers began noticing how much I helped increase their sales. Within two years as a receptionist I became the assistant to the CFO. I learned the insurance business from the operations standpoint of Processing, Licensing & Contracting, Commissions and Brokerage Department.

I now feel that a diploma or degree doesn’t stop a person from succeeding.

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