When You're On Your Own

by Deborah A. Bailey

What happens when friends and family are not supportive of your business efforts? It can be rather surprising to find out that they don't understand what you are doing, or think you're crazy to be doing it.

That's when it becomes important to build up a circle of contacts who will provide the support you need. They can be other business owners, clients or people you meet who are on board with your vision.

As you build your business, prepare for changes in your personal life as well as your professional one. Accept that these transitions are normal and that you are not the only one experiencing them. It's part of the transition process that most of us have to experience in order to connect with our purpose and express ourselves in the world.

Danielle Bobish on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Curtain Up Events is the brainchild of Danielle Bobish, who discovered that her own professional theater background was the perfect training ground for planning large affairs. “With any big event like a wedding, you’ll find the same key elements: costumes, lighting, set decoration, production and timing, and lots of details to coordinate. I thought, why not bring that same excitement and theatrical sensibility to non-Broadway events?”

Now, Danielle helps her clients put on dramatic, unforgettable events—without all the drama. Since 2005, Danielle has planned both intimate and largescale weddings and corporate events. She has coordinated events for some of New York City’s largest and most notable businesses.

Danielle honed her creative talents at the University of Hartford’s Hartt School of Music, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in theater. She employed her innate business savvy to manage her professional acting career, performing in theaters not only in New York, but throughout the United States.

Danielle has now combined her creative flair and business acumen to plan innovative and chic events. Her work and creative ideas appear on Brides.com, where she consults for numerous wedding planning stories. She was also a key producer on a team that planned an episode of “My Celebrity Wedding,” which aired on The Style Network.

If You Can't Make a Living, How Can You Make a Difference?

by C.J. Hayden, MCC

What made you decide to go into business for yourself? Did you want to make more money, gain more freedom, enjoy yourself more, or make more of an impact on the world? For many independent professionals, the desire to help others as well as themselves plays a significant role in their decision. Helping people may even have been your primary motivation for choosing the type of work you do.

However, not all of us who set out to help others through our businesses succeed at it. In fact, many of the best-intentioned professionals fail at building a sustainable business or private practice. It seems that the skills and mindset of helping others don't always match those needed to build a profitable business.

If you're in business because you want to make a difference, help others, and contribute your unique gifts, you may be handicapped in marketing and sales because so much of your focus is on other people's desires and needs. You may feel that asking someone to buy from you is an imposition, that talking about yourself doesn't serve others, that self-promotion is somehow inappropriate if your primary aim is to help people.

But here's the reality. If you can't make a living doing what you do, you won't be able to make a difference. If people don't hire you, you don't get to share your gifts. If no one knows your business exists, you won't have the opportunity to help people. If your business fails, you'll have to go back to making a living some other way, and never get a chance to make the impact you know that you could.

As long as you're stuck in the struggle of not quite making a living, not only are you not making an impact with your business, you are held back from making one in other ways too. You don't have enough time available to volunteer for causes you believe in. You don't have the money to support those causes with donations. You may not even be able to adequately support those most important to you -- your family.

When you look at the disparity between your present situation and your goals in that light, you may begin to see that perhaps sales and marketing is not such a selfish endeavor. When the purpose of your business is to help people, letting more people know what you do contributes to much more than your own pocketbook.

In the standard airline safety briefing, they advise that in case of emergency, you should put on your own oxygen mask first. What would happen if you began to look at marketing this way? To be in a position to serve other people, you must be able to sustain yourself. When your own survival is guaranteed, you'll have the strength, resources, and peace of mind to assist others.

The next time you find yourself fearful, resistant, or immobilized about marketing, remember that you are not in business for yourself alone. Picture in your mind's eye the people you most want to serve. Visualize how you can make a difference in the world by helping more people. Determine that your business will not only survive, but thrive, so that your gifts will be allowed their fullest expression. In order to truly help others, you may first need to help yourself.

Copyright © 2005, C.J. Hayden

C.J. Hayden is the author of Get Clients Now!™ Thousands of business owners and independent professionals have used her simple sales and marketing system to double or triple their income. Get a free copy of "Five Secrets to Finding All the Clients You'll Ever Need" at www.getclientsnow.com.

Book Releases from Kelli Wilkins

New Romances from Kelli Wilkins:

Kelli’s first romance anthology, Naughty Nobles, contains three historical-fantasy novellas: A Most Unusual Princess, The Dark Lord, and A Midsummer Night’s Delights. The book was released on March 9 by Amber Quill Press. The book link is: http://amberquill.com/AmberHeat/NaughtyNobles.html
And don’t miss Kelli’s first paranormal romance, Confessions of a Vampire’s Lover. This novella was released in December 2008 in electronic format. The link is: http://amberquill.com/AmberHeat/ConfessionsVampiresLover.html

Multi-published author Kelli Wilkins writes in several genres, including romance, horror, and non-fiction. To learn more about her writings, interviews and reviews visit her website at: www.KelliWilkins.com

Judy Davis on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

As someone who relates well to the challenges of everyday life, Judy Davis has spent her lifetime helping people find direction in their lives. A native of Michigan, Judy is an entrepreneur, successful business owner, published author and motivational speaker/trainer who loves to make a difference. She has been married to Geoff for 17 years, and has 2 teenage children.

As a business owner, Judy is able to bring awareness and understanding to individuals, groups and organizations looking for inspiration, motivation and direction. She has brought together various resources at ReclaimU.com and speaks her directional messages as "The Direction Diva." Her laid-back, personal style incorporates humor and real-life experience into everything that she does. Judy has an amazing ability to give those that she touches direction and purpose, creating an atmosphere of trust and sincerity that people embrace. She communicates the importance of accessing our "Internal Road Map" and inspires others to take action to create the life they desire.

Listen to the archived show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/CoachDeb

Book Marketing Simplified

by Sophfronia Scott

Lately I've been attracting questions from first time authors on how to get their books "out there". In other words, now that your book is done, how do you tell as many people as possible about it? Book marketing! Since my conversations with these writers were brief I kept the tips as simple as possible, but then it occurred to me: this was exactly how I was planning the marketing of my newest book. I'm purposely keeping it simple so I don't get overwhelmed. And overwhelm is common. After all, according to John Kremer there are 1,001 ways to market your book. You can't possibly do them all! So here's the easy way to look at book marketing. Make good choices and you'll find just the audience you're looking for.

Decide What Media You'll Target

You don't have to use all media in your marketing plan. Choose what you're most comfortable with and what would bring you superior results. Perhaps you prefer print (newspapers and magazines) to radio and television. Or maybe you'll limit your choices to radio and the internet because that's where you're most likely to find the types who will read your book. Is direct mail your cup of tea? Making this choice will help you focus. It will also save you money: pursuing everything can get really expensive.

Set Specific Goals for Each Target

Some writers will try for a mention of their book and feel triumphant if they get one review or one interview. That's great, but a real marketing strategy will help you to secure more than one review or more than one interview. But it won't happen unless you set goals and shoot for them. Let's say you choose the internet, magazines and radio as your desired media. Your goals could be:

--Internet: Get enough partners to do an email blast to 2 million people.
--Magazines: Get mentions and/or reviews of your book in 4 magazines read by your target audience.
--Radio: Do 4-6 radio interviews a month.

Write Down Action Steps

Now that you have these goals, what exactly do you have to do to achieve them? For your internet goal, your tasks may include seeking out like-minded partners who have lists of their own to send an email on your behalf. For your magazine goal, you'll probably send out regular press releases and story ideas to the editors of the magazines. Likewise for your radio goal. Once you see the steps written down, it's that much easier to put them in a calendar and schedule time to get them done.

Take Action Daily

Make sure you do something everyday to forward your goals. That's exactly what Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen did to make Chicken Soup for the Soul a success. They called it "The Rule of Five" and they made sure they did five things from their action plan every single day. It paid off for them big time. You can do the same. Remember to go back to your plan and read it again if you get distracted or become overwhelmed. Your plan will remind you of what you want to achieve and what choices will help you to do so. It's like they say about eating an elephant--you can do it. It just takes a while and you have to take small bites!

© 2008 Sophfronia Scott

Sophfronia Scott is Executive Editor of the Done For You Writing & Publishing Company. Learn what a difference being a published author can make for your business. Get your FREE audio CD, "How to Succeed in Business By Becoming a Bestselling Author" and your FREE online writing and book publishing tips at www.DoneForYouWriting.com.

Setting Boundaries

by Deborah A. Bailey

There may be some of you out there who are still working everyday, dreaming of starting your own business. Others may be juggling both - working and running a business. No matter what path you are on, remember that taking care of yourself has to be your priority. I learned that a long time ago.

I’ve read a lot of articles about the economy’s affect on employees. When I was a career coach, a few people I spoke with admitted that though they were stressed and miserable where they were working, they didn't feel they could afford to leave. Some were dealing with abusive managers, others with long hours and endless amounts of work. I’m certainly not going to tell people whether they should put their income on the line if they feel they can’t. What I will say is that if your health or well-being is in jeopardy, it’s time to set boundaries.

Years ago when I was a computer programmer, I had a turning point. I received word that one my coworkers had passed away rather suddenly. Harold was in his 40’s with a wife, young son and teen-aged daughter. Being an only child he also looked after his mom. For several years we’d worked together in the financial area of a major telecom company. Back in those days, we regularly ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in conference rooms. We gave up weekends, evenings and social events in order to meet short deadlines. It became normal for people not to have a life apart from the company.

There were times we worked 10, 12, 18 hours straight. Once when we were all working towards yet another short deadline, Harold and the other business analysts worked through the night. I remember going home late that evening and returning the next day to see they were all still working. They’d never gone home, never washed up or changed clothes.

Years passed and I worked in other departments. Finally I ended up back in the financial organization working with Harold again. One day I overheard some of his coworkers mentioning how (in their opinion) he wasn’t working hard enough. He wasn’t staying long enough. He wasn’t volunteering to be on call as often as they were. As far as I was concerned, I’d already been there, done that. The work load, unrealistic deadlines and low job satisfaction had taken their toll.

Finally when major layoffs were announced and the company decided to spin off divisions, I’d had enough. I was tired and my career – for all my overtime and stress – hadn’t yielded all that I’d hoped for. Ultimately I moved on to other places and started focusing more on myself. Instead of working overtime, I spent time with friends, took writing classes and planned a future beyond IT.

About three years after I overheard that conversation, I found out that Harold had died of a heart attack. His coworkers filled the funeral parlor where the wake was held. The mourners included the people who, years before, had said he hadn’t worked hard enough. I wonder if they remembered that conversation. They obviously didn’t know what sacrifices he had made in his decades with the company or what stresses he was enduring in his personal life. Instead they assumed that they were in some sort of competition where the person who gives the most and works the hardest is the winner.

These days I set boundaries in my work and personal life. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t always adhere to them, but I try. Back then it was so easy for me to put myself last and give everything to my job. Now, my health and peace of mind are worth a lot more to me. It’s a lesson I won’t forget.

Deborah A. Bailey is author of two non-fiction books including, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life .” She's also the creator and host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio, a weekly internet talk show. Her fiction work includes a short story collection and a novel, available on Amazon.com. 
For more information, visit http://www.BrightStreetBooks.com.

Rouge New York. Founder Amanda Fryon Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Rouge New York Profile

Pet Products News (Industry Trade Magazine) April 2008

The meteoric rise of pet couture in recent years is directly related to the impact of companies like Rouge New York. Founder Amanda Fry thought it would be funny to outfit her brother’s macho pup with a patent leather pink dog collar. Her inability to find the ideal collar gave her the idea it would be easy enough to manufacture such a collar herself.

The motivation to create high fashion doggie bling at an affordable price is what makes Rouge New York such a success story. Rouge New York strives to offer your customers classy styles and colors in dog collars, leads and step-in harnesses without compromising quality.

Bold designs featuring rhinestone bones and gold and silver skull and crossbone designs make a real fashion statement that discriminating pet owners seek that won’t leave a huge dent in their budget.

Rouge New York believes in letting customer feedback help determine what products they should put on the market, especially those that sell well. As a retailer there’s only so much product you can stock on your shelves, and rightly so customer demand should be the best indicator of what items will sell best.

By being a hot new player in the global market, Rouge New York is able to pass on significant savings to your customers while ensuring quality workmanship in all their products. Rouge New York wants to be the one company that people know they can count on for their particular product needs.

Economic Churn = Rebirth

I joined LaTanya Junior of TCB360 radio today to discuss: "In the News: Industries Re-birth." Listen in and find out how the current economic events will impact small business.

It's About the Cupcakes

by Deborah A. Bailey

A lot has been written about social media - probably more than you have the time or desire to read. Lots of claims are also being made that you can make big money using Twitter and Facebook, or how people find jobs on LinkedIn. Right now I'm not sure how much is hype and how much is real. I'll wait to reserve judgement. All I know is there's a reason it's called "social" media.

I have a passion for cupcakes. They're on my top ten list of things I really like, along with writing, photography, coaching, the original Star Trek episodes - though not in that order. During one of my times on Twitter I clicked through to a blog post about these beautiful cupcakes. A baker had created them with a very tiny replica of a tea set on each cupcake. They looked too good to eat, though I found myself wondering how much work went into such delicate creations. http://asianmommy.com/asian-zone/cupcakes-with-an-asian-flair.html

Excited by my find, I tweeted about the cupcakes then went back to my regularly scheduled work. Later that evening I saw that the cupcake tweet had been retweeted, and now I had a new follower - a cupcake blogger. In addition, one of my followers (who I'd known from a coaching class) commented about how pretty the cupcakes were.

What's my point? For a few moments we'd all connected over something that may seem terribly unimportant in the scheme of things. It wasn't about business or anything deep or serious; it was about cupcakes. For me, that is what the "social" really means. Interacting without an agenda and without having every post lead to a financial return on investment...taking a few minutes out of a busy day to connect with other people.

It's the "just being human" moments that (for me) give social media its importance. If I'm going to take part in this web 2.0 world (or whatever they are calling it these days) then I don't want to forget the human factor.

Deborah A. Bailey is author of two non-fiction books including, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life .” She's also the creator and host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio, a weekly internet talk show. Her fiction work includes a short story collection and a novel, available on Amazon.com. 
For more information, visit http://www.BrightStreetBooks.com.

Dr. Amrita Sawhney on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Dr. Amrita Sawhney is a radiation oncologist trained at New York Presbyterian Hospital, part of the Cornell and Columbia hospital network. Throughout her career in medicine, and even before, Dr. Sawhney paid close attention to the way in which people managed their healthcare information. She learned a great deal, not only from those who managed their healthcare fairly well, but also from individuals who did not.

Dr. Sawhney combined those lessons with her medical training and practical experience and created My Personal HealthChart™. She then applied the lessons learned from observing how parents managed their children's health-related information and created My Child's HealthChart™. Each health chart is designed to help people organize medical information and manage their time more effectively to get the most from each medical appointment.

Listen to the live or archived show: www.blogtalkradio.com/CoachDeb

Launch Your Product-Based Business Teleseminar

As a third generation entrepreneur, Sarah Shaw is nothing short of an energetic innovator and a wealth of useful information. With five businesses under her belt, Sarah understands not only the complexity of a start-up, but also the thrill. Translating ideas into action is her strength, and she lends her wisdom willingly.

Harnessing her expertise and extensive knowledge base, Sarah is currently launching The Entreprenette® – A step-by-step guide to launching a product-based business from your living room. Sarah’s 26-week Tele-course teaches all the information and secrets you need to know to have a finished product in your hands, in stores and on the shelves making a return on your investment.

The very first Tele-seminar starts on April 15th, 2009
You will walk away with the following:

· How to research your Industry and Competition

· How to build a prototype and find a manufacturer

· How to market and sell your product

· How to pick a legal structure

· How to protect your invention

· How to manage and/or raise the finances

· How to cost properly

· How to manage the business

· Q & A time during each session

· Accountability and support to get it done

· Free private laser coaching with Sarah

Sign up at The Entreprenette http://www.entreprenette.com to register for her FREE call on Wednesday March 25th to learn more.

This Spring, Let Your Self Blossom

by Kelli Wilkins

Spring traditionally is a time for rebirth, renewal, and reenergizing. This leads to many seasonal projects: “Spring cleaning” the basement, raking up left-behind leaves, planting grass seed and flowers to brighten up your yard – but have you ever thought of giving your Self a Spring cleaning?

Do you feel trapped or caught in a rut over your job or personal relationships? What old ideas, attitudes, or other clutter are you storing in your head? If you find yourself longing for a change, maybe it’s time to take a look at areas of your life that need refreshing.

It may sound a bit harsh, but anything that takes away from the enjoyment of living isn’t worth having. There’s no need to carry around unnecessary baggage that drains your energy and leaves you feeling unfulfilled. So let go of unwanted possessions (there’s a reason yard sales are popular in the Spring!), projects you’re not passionate about, and even friendships/relationships that have fizzled out and don’t add to the quality of your life. By letting go of the things you’re not totally in love with, you’ll lighten up, feel freer, and make room for new experiences.

As a writer, I collect a lot of writing-related objects: books, notebooks, pens, magazine articles, submission guidelines… and I’m slowly weeding through the piles. I’m letting go of old stories that never went anywhere, book ideas that petered out, and stacks of articles and books I swore I’d read someday. By letting go of outdated ideas and projects I’m no longer passionate about, I can prioritize and concentrate on the things that really matter. Clearing out clutter helps you focus on your path and see where you’re going. (Here’s a general “decluttering” rule: if you haven’t used it (whatever it is) in 2 or 3 years, then get rid of it. Remember, when in doubt – throw it out!)

If you’re feeling run down, trapped, or overwhelmed by life, make time to refresh and revitalize your inner Self. Take an afternoon (or a few hours) for yourself and meditate, write in a journal, or go for a long walk and think about the areas of your life that you want to change. What do you want to accomplish – both personally and professionally? What are your goals? To start a business? Do volunteer work? Find a new hobby? Take a class? Save for a dream vacation? Find a life-work balance? What makes you happy? Focus on that and start working from there.

This Spring, take some time to cultivate your own garden and plant the seeds for your next adventure. Do what you truly enjoy in life, and your world will blossom.

When she’s not writing, Kelli Wilkins loves to garden. She has written several fiction and non-fiction books in her flower-filled backyard. To learn more about Kelli’s writings, visit her website at: www.KelliWilkins.com

Diane K. Danielson on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Diane K. Danielson is the CEO and the founder of the Downtown Women’s Club (www.DowntownWomensClub.com), a career website and women’s business network with chapters in 15 markets around the country. She is a blogger for www.womensDISH.com and Entrepreneur magazine, and the co-author of the book, The Savvy Gal’s Guide to Online Networking (or What Would Jane Austen Do?). She is also a popular speaker for companies, organizations, schools and universities.

Listen to the archived show at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/CoachDeb

Caught in the Drama?

by Deborah A. Bailey

These days there's a lot of pressure on small business to overcome financial hurdles. However, according to a recent Zogby poll, most Americans expect that Main Street will lead the way to a recovery, not Wall Street. It's easy to get caught up in the negatives in the media. It thrives on drama - and staying in drama will not help you to run your business.

Secure the foundation of your business by keeping good records, updating your marketing funnel and understanding your revenue stream. After you've done that work, check your thinking! Are you stuck in the doom and gloom or are you coming up with creative ways to solve your clients' problems?

It's time to think out of the box. The marketing you used last year may not work today. Try new things and new ways of addressing the concerns of your prospective clients and current customers. If you are stuck in drama you won't be able to see the possibilities.

Get focused and get clear about what you want to accomplish. If you're lost in a haze of negativity, how are you going to get people to buy what you are selling?

Deborah A. Bailey is author of two non-fiction books including, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life .” She's also the creator and host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio, a weekly internet talk show. Her fiction work includes a short story collection and a novel, available on Amazon.com. 
For more information, visit http://www.BrightStreetBooks.com.

"Forced" to Refresh, Rest and Renew

by Vanessa Torres

One month post-op my brain is beginning to hum again. I tried to work after about 2 ½ weeks, but really wasn’t hitting the mark and it only took a little while to realize that I’d be doing myself a disservice – both personally and professionally – if I tried to do too much too soon. I don’t like to present work that I’m not proud of and anything produced with a head full of pain medication just would not be up to par.

I am working and writing again, because I feel the juices beginning to flow. It feels right, as opposed to fitting in well on the calendar. With the procedure behind me and my healing process underway, I will be able to focus my energies on work again with a clear head, knowing that I took care of myself and didn’t let my fear of falling behind keep me from doing so. Now that I am on the road to recovery, I can get excited about the projects that I had set in motion a few months ago. Now, I am ready to give it my full attention, not my half-witted, groggy, and stressed out energy – which would have yielded unsatisfactory, if any, results.

Often times we neglect our physical and mental well-being out of fear – fear of dealing with our mortality and fear of not being able to serve our families and our businesses. However, if we ignore our needs, we most certainly will fail everyone in the end –including ourselves. If you have found that you haven’t made time for yourself lately, haven’t taken a time-out to quiet your mind, spend time with loved ones and rejuvenate your spirit, I invite you to consider the “forced refresh.”

Vanessa Torres is the founder of www.ThatHappenedtoMe.com.

Katie Harvey on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Katie Harvey began her agency at the age of 24 with just herself and $2,000. In 15 years she has grown the full-service public relations and advertising firm into a debt-free, multi-million dollar company; it is one of the largest, woman-owned strategic communication agencies in Texas with close to 40 employees. In 2005, the agency expanded its presence in Texas by opening an office in Houston. In 2008, the agency expanded its services to include both digital marketing and social media teams.

KGBTexas offers communications counsel in brand development, crisis communications and public affairs and the agency’s client list includes more than 40 local, regional and national accounts spanning retail, government affairs, healthcare, construction, financial and manufacturing industries. Some clients include Administaff, International Bancshares Corporation, JW Marriott and McDonald’s.

Before launching KGBTexas, Katie managed national PR efforts and generated multi-million dollar media campaigns for Kaepa Athletic Shoes, was the director of PR and marketing for Aztex Foods, Inc., a restaurant franchise in San Antonio and served as executive administrator for NFL Hall of Famer Earl Campbell.

Katie graduated from Southwest Texas State University (now known as Texas State). She serves on the board of the Texas Business Hall of Fame and is a member of their executive committee. She has earned numerous business leadership and entrepreneurial awards and the agency has received accolades for PR and advertising campaigns. The San Antonio Business Journal has ranked KGBTexas number one on its list of largest PR firms since 2004 and also named it one of the “Best Places to Work” in 2007 and 2008.

Katie serves on the boards of the San Antonio Youth Center and Children’s Shelter of San Antonio. She has been married to Jeff Harvey for 10 years and they have two sons. She competes with Arabian horses for which she has garnered national and regional awards and enjoys hunting and golfing. The couple is active in their children’s school and church.

KGBTexas Public Relations / Advertising
San Antonio and Houston

Colleen James on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Colleen James' background included 23 years with a direct sales company with 7 of those years as a Sales Director. During that time she also taught sales and marketing, projecting a professional image and how to build a business. She has been a key note speaker on several occasions throughout the years.

She's also a writer and wrote for The Saratoga Business Journal for about three years.

In 2005, she started working as an Independent Contractor for an Internet Marketing Company. She sold advertising for three city.coms. During that time she also began treatment for breast cancer. That experience became the purpose and passion behind launching NetworkingEventsNY.

Her business, NetworkingEventsNY.com, was launched in 2008.

Listen to the live or archived show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/CoachDeb

Friday Breakfast Brag Club (TGIF)

Thank Goodness I'm Fabulous!

Practice your positive self-talk with this FUN weekly group!

Call into the Group every Friday morning 8-8:30am to talk about your weekly successes.

$29.99/month. 3 Month commitment. Space limited.
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Bonnie Marcus, M.Ed, CEC
Womens Success Coaching helping professional women promote themselves effectively to advance their careers and build their business.

Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

by Karen Sperling

• Entrepreneurs start out with a dream

• They make goals for themselves

• They are ambitious

• They ask questions

• They listen

• They have a plan for getting where they want to go

• They review their plan often and change it when

• They won’t take NO for an answer

• They are always open to learning

• They view every experience as a learning opportunity

• They use their strengths and recognize their weaknesses

• They have mentors and role models

• They make mistakes

• They learn from their mistakes

• They celebrate small victories

• They are not afraid to follow the path less taken

• They pick themselves up and they keep going

• They keep their eyes on the prize

Karen Sperling on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Karen Sperling, Chief Conversation Officer, Sperling Greene Partners

As a skilled PR professional, Karen Sperling brings her experience and expertise with packaged goods and services to fruition in a changing consumer marketplace. She has launched and positioned a succession of new products and services throughout her career including the introduction of the BMW X3 Sport Activity Vehicle and the MINI Cooper Convertible.

Her introduction of Mattus’s Lowfat Ice Cream by Haagen Dazs inventor Reuben Mattus garnered a “Best New Product of the Year” by Time Magazine, and a strategically placed flying trapeze in lower Manhattan complete with flying lessons for busy Wall Street execs, was seen around the world and helped build the reputation and clientele of an adult sports camp company.

She approaches each account with a fresh perspective and looks for the human element and the end benefit to the customer to develop compelling news stories that resonate with specific target audiences. A self-professed “news junkie,” Karen has introduced new trends on behalf of clients that range from automotive detailing to firewalking, and never tires of finding opportunities to fit her clients into breaking news.

In her career, she has had the opportunity to throw a midnight snack for the Ringling Brothers Circus in Herald Square, take Goya Foods, the largest Hispanic Food Company in the nation from a Hispanic-only food provider to a major general market brand name, and grow The Learning Annex into the largest producer of Wealth Building Expos in the country. Other clients have included Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Beth Israel Medical Center, BMW of North America, Pirelli Tires, Pam Cooking Spray, Chef Boyardee, and celebrity chef, author and restaurateur Lidia Bastianich.

Married with two teenage children, Karen is a resident of Tenafly, NJ.

Visit her site at: http://www.sperlingreene.com/

12:00 pm EST
Listen to the live or archived show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/CoachDeb

Three ways journaling can boost your creativity and your business

by Michele PW

I have a friend who has struggled with her creativity for a long time. She's extremely uncomfortable thinking of herself as "creative." We've been working together on it, and making progress. One of the tools that's really helped her has been journaling.

From Julia Cameron's The Artist Way to Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones to Linda Trichter Metcalf, Ph.D. and Tobin Simon, Ph.D.'s Writing the Mind Alive to numerous other publications, journaling has enjoyed a long history of creative-nurturing along with a host of other benefits.

For my purposes, I'm defining journaling as any sort of loose, longhand writing. Whatever thoughts come into your head you put them down on paper. There's no structure, no form, nor concern about spelling or grammar or even legibility.

Even if writing isn't your dream, incorporating a regular program of journaling into your life is a wonderful way to jump-start your creativity and cultivate a constant flow of new ideas. Here are three reasons why.

1. Helps you get rid of the junk in your head. We all have it. Junk thoughts. Everything from self-defeating comments ("Oh, I'll never be good at that." or "Who told you that you could be a writer?") to the "worry of the moment" to neurosis of every type to the ever-growing, constant to-do lists.

Who can be creative with all that noise going on? For that matter, who could even hear a creative thought over all that racket?

Journaling is a way to quiet the mind. Writing all that junk down transfers it from your head to the paper. Suddenly, you find you can actually think rather than simply react.

The best part is this quiet lasts long after the journaling is done for the day. And if you journal frequently, then the effect is cumulative.

When I finish journaling, I find that I feel peaceful. Calm. Able to focus. The junk is gone, leaving space to be creative.

2. Gives you a chance to try new ideas. What better way to see if a new idea will work than to try it out on paper? You can write out the pros and cons, describe a scenario, play "what if" games ("What if my new business was successful?" "What if I tried that new advertising campaign?" "What if I contacted the editor at Money Magazine?"). And the best part is it's all in a private little notebook that no one will ever have to see.

Try writing down your hopes, dreams, goals, visions. Play around with them. You may find as you journal about them, a strategy for making them come true suddenly presents itself, right there in the pages of your notebook.

3. Helps you build a bridge to your muse. This one really only kicks in after you've sufficiently done number one (at least, this is the way it works for me). It seems only after I've gotten most of the junk out of my head that the muse sometimes slips out to play a bit.

How do you know the muse came to visit you? When that brilliant idea flashes in your head. It may not happen while you're journaling, but instead while you're showering, walking, driving or something else. This is the muse talking to you.

It's important to remember muses have quiet voices. They can easily be drowned out by the incessant bickering of the other noisy chatter going on in your head. Once you can get those other voices to shut up, you can start to listen for the muse.

Don't worry if this doesn't happen right away. There have been weeks and even months when I write nothing but junk down. But then, one day, that great idea appears on the paper or in my head as I'm walking my dogs.

And when that happens, I know all the time I spent journaling about nothing has paid off.

Creativity Exercises -- Journal more ideas

I would love it if you made a pact with yourself to journal regularly for a month. If that's too much of a commitment for you, try it as a creativity exercise.

Write down your challenge at the top of a piece of paper. Maybe it's ways to increase business or promote your products more or a new PR campaign. Now just start writing about it.

Don't think, just write. Fill a few pages of musing about that particular challenge. Don't type it either -- write longhand. If you wander away from it, try nudging yourself back.

Write for at least 20 minutes. If no answer presents itself in that time, don't get too hung up about it. Try it again the next day or a few days in a row. Sometimes it just takes awhile to jar things loose. And remember, great ideas have a tendency to pop up in the most unexpected places, not just when you're doing something "creative."

Michele PW (Michele Pariza Wacek) owns Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC, a copywriting, marketing communications and creativity agency. She helps people become more successful at attracting new clients, selling products and services and boosting business. To find out how she can help you take your business to the next level, visit her site at http://www.michelepw.com. Copyright 2006 Michele Pariza Wacek.

The Right Timing

by Elena Camp

I am working at Inner Wisdom today and I am feeling really good. I have been wanting to find the best way to manage my online business with my offline business. I haven't done a teleclass in a few months.

I decided at the beginning of the year I would start a internet radio show but nothing materialized. Then yesterday, Billie my business partner, said we should do an internet radio show together ! HELLO !!

I was really excited because this is a perfect way to blend the two businesses and continue to reach my virtual audience and connect it with the work I do at INNER WISDOM.

Sometimes you will have a great idea, but lack clarity and/or motivation on how to implement it. This is a perfect example that when you set the energy in motion for your idea, ex. writing it down, talking about it or just giving it a lot of thought, you may not see the physical manifestation for a while. I am often reminded of the principles I teach and this time is no different. I had to trust that when the time was right for my teleclasses and radio show to manifest they would and all the excitement and enthusiasm I needed to do it would follow.

Trust that the universe is loving and abundant and whatever you do is never just for you but for the good of others. My show or should I say our show will benefit both of us no doubt but together we will be able to offer much more. Timing is indeed everything !!!

Elena Camp, Energy Guide & Law of Attraction Trainer discusses how to attract clients and abundance for your business. Elena teaches practical tools and processes to help her clients leverage spiritual laws and principles to create joyful, abundant lives. Her company, Pure Vibrations, LLC provides personal and spiritual development services and products.

To Attract Attention, You Have to Show Off

by C.J. Hayden, MCC

Recently, a client of mine complained, "I'm really good at what I do. I shouldn't have to market myself." In fact, he is quite good at his profession, but the problem is that not enough prospective clients know about him. Like many professionals, he is reluctant to talk about his accomplishments. "It feels like bragging," he says. "Doesn't it make me seem unprofessional?"

If thoughts like these often cross your mind, ask yourself this -- who are the biggest names in your profession? In your line of work, who might be considered unquestioned experts, those with maximum credibility? Now, how did you get to know about those people's work? Did you read an article or book they had written, hear them interviewed, learn about them on the web? Or perhaps you were told about them by others who had heard them speak or read their words.

The point is that these well-known people became well-known because they showcased themselves, usually in multiple ways. They shared stories, examples, and ideas about the work they had been doing with a wider audience than just their friends and family. You know about their work because they showed it off. And I'll bet it never occurred to you to call them unprofessional for doing it.

Showing off your work doesn't have to sound like, "Ta da! Aren't I great?" It doesn't have to contain even a hint of bragging. There are a host of very dignified and appropriate ways to let a wider audience know how good you are without ever saying so. Here are a few you might try.

1. Writing articles - Putting your expertise in writing and sharing it with publications your target audience reads is a powerful -- and very professional -- way to let more people know about your unique talents. Submit your articles to both print publications and web sites that serve your niche and watch your visibility grow.

2. Public speaking - Appearing as a speaker allows you to broadcast your expertise with three different audiences -- the people who attend your talk, the people who are invited by the sponsoring organization but can't attend, and the people you tell about it before and after. If standing in front of a room makes you too nervous, serve on a panel of experts instead. You'll get to sit behind a table and speak from notes.

3. Media interviews - Being interviewed by magazines, newspapers, or on radio and television can spread the word quickly about your capabilities. Landing interviews is not that hard to do if you remember to start small. Begin by approaching easy targets like association newsletters, neighborhood newspapers, and local cable programs or talk radio.

4. Telling stories - One of the secrets to effective articles, talks, and interviews is to tell stories about your clients. When you describe their challenges and accomplishments, you reveal the value of your role in helping them without having to boast about it. You can use the same technique in a client presentation to boost your credibility without being arrogant.

5. Testimonials - Whenever you do a good job for a client, ask them to write you a simple thank you note describing what you did to make them happy. Then make their words available on your web site, brochure, or other marketing materials. Let them tell others about your value, and you won't have to say it yourself.

6. Building a portfolio - It's not just artists that should capture their best work to show off in a portfolio. You can collect photos, examples, and other evidence of your accomplishments and display them on your web site, in a marketing kit, or with a PowerPoint presentation. You don't have to sell people on your abilities when they are seeing for themselves what you can do.

7. Creating products - Packaging your work into merchandise that prospective clients can take home and sample gives them a compelling way to discover your real value. Products like ebooks, white papers, and audio recordings allow you to showcase your expertise and increase your credibility. They can often be advertised more widely than your services can, giving you another avenue for getting your name known.

Pick just one of these ideas to pursue and make a plan to showcase what you can do for a wider audience. If you truly want to spend less effort on marketing yourself, start letting your prospective clients know how good you really are.

C.J. Hayden is the author of Get Clients Now!™ Thousands of business owners and independent professionals have used her simple sales and marketing system to double or triple their income. Get a free copy of "Five Secrets to Finding All the Clients You'll Ever Need" at www.getclientsnow.com.

Copyright © 2005, C.J. Hayden

Margaret Prusan on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Margaret Prusan, Founder & President, Illumin, LLC. Since founding Illumin in 2007, Margaret has been illuminating the path for extraordinary women to build brilliant professional and service based businesses.

She is best known for your warmth, insight and highly unique approach to helping women entrepreneurs and professionals develop business platforms that focus on gaining visibility, building credibility and making more money.

Illumin clients report significant, measurable improvement in areas of revenue growth, profitability, sales and marketing effectiveness as well as personal and professional empowerment.

She has been cited in the books Secrets to Simplicity: Secrets to Living Better with Less and Beating the Bailout Blues: How to Stay Sane While the Market is Driving You Crazy and has been interviewed by MSNBC and New York Business TV.

She is the co-founder of source37, a New York City based organization of women business owners providing professional services to entrepreneurs and corporations.

Her motto is…

“Everything in your life has led you to this point. Now, what are you going to do with it?”

Listen to the live or archived show at: www.blogtalkradio.com/CoachDeb

The Money's in the Message

by Sophfronia Scott

What's your book about? You might answer "Marketing" or "Families" or "Cooking" or "Personal Development", but I challenge you to go further and think about your book in terms of your message. What's the overall message you're delivering in your book? People will be drawn to your overall message and how it makes them feel. Your message makes you attractive, like a super magnet. When you have something to say and the confidence and fortitude to say it, that sets you apart from everyone else. Ideally your personal presence will deliver this message in a powerful way, so much so that people will want line up to learn from you, be around you, work with you. In short-they'll want to give you money.

Let's use Dr. Phil and his work as an example here because he has created so many bestselling books, all with very different subject matter. However, all of his books have the same basic message. Dr. Phil's message is intended to make you take charge and "get excited about your life". Taking this kind of personal responsibility is what's going to help you solve all of those pesky life problems. It's going to help you lose weight, strengthen your family, meet the right mate or salvage your marriage. Note that the message is simple, clear and not about Dr. Phil.

Don't you get the sense that Dr. Phil probably lives this message, that this is exactly the way he lives his life? It would be very hard to believe that this tall, powerful, well-spoken, straight-talking man would turn around and blame someone else for something falling apart in his life. His message "fits" him because this is the way he is. You get the sense that he would be saying the same things regardless of whether he's at a cocktail party or on national television. It is who he is and yet it's a message that connects with a wider audience because Dr. Phil has directed it towards helping people solve a problem. You can do this too!

Your Belief Systems
Okay, right now I'm going to ask you to do something that might sound like I'm saying, "Don't think about the huge purple-spotted elephant standing in the room" when that's all you can do! I'm sure your brain is already spinning and crafting your message for your book or your business. STOP! Don't do it just yet. If you create a message right now, whipped out of thin air, it will dissipate for you just as quickly. You won't connect to it and it won't work.

A strong message has to be anchored in something-in the core of who you are. That's the only way you can craft a message that fits you-one that is attractive, credible and one that others will immediately relate to.

So how do you do that? Your message must naturally grow from your personal belief systems. Your belief systems are the glasses through which you see the world. It's how you live-who you are. You may not even have words for your beliefs right now because you've never thought to give them words before. Too few of us stop to think about what we really, truly believe. We just act and move through life without thinking about the thoughts running through our brains or why we make the choices we make.
But that's also why it's so easy for you to stand out when you do get clear on your beliefs. With just that one step you've already done what many haven't!

This doesn't have to be a complicated process. You can start out just by writing out two words:
If the word "believe" doesn't work for you, then think in terms of "What I know for certain..." or "This is what I know to be true for me..."

Next, write down a series of sentences to complete these phrases. They can be about life in general, or about work, family, love, money, society, history. If you have trouble with this, you can do a couple of things. If you already write, such as a regular newsletter or journaling, review your past writings and see if there are patterns to what you say or think about. Do you give the same advice to people over and over again? Do you have a "thing"- something that really bothers you every time you see the subject or situation come up? What inspires you?

For instance, I believe:
-if anyone wants to bring something creative into the world, they should be able to do it
-love is a powerful force, especially within families
-spirituality is important
-it's important to be in charge of one's own creative process and decision-making
-anyone can accomplish great things when they put their mind to it

Once you understand your belief systems you can translate them into your message. Basically what you're going to do is take your beliefs and apply them to your topic at hand. Once you do, you'll find your writing, your speaking and even your marketing will be so much easier because it will come from the heart.

© 2008 Sophfronia Scott

Sophfronia Scott is Executive Editor of the Done For You Writing & Publishing Company. Learn what a difference being a published author can make for your business. Get your FREE audio CD, "How to Succeed in Business By Becoming a Bestselling Author" and your FREE online writing and book publishing tips at www.DoneForYouWriting.com.

Michelle Pippin on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Michelle Pippin, of Womenwhowow.com is an internationally known business coach who works with small business owners who are doing all they know to do to succeed, but not yet realizing success. Her motto is "You can have excuses OR results, but not both" and she is committed to seeing her clients realize dramatic income increase while building their business in a way that is fulfilling, authentic and profitable.

Listen to the live or archived show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/CoachDeb

You MUST Say Yes To The Business (And Income) Within Your Reach

by Fabienne Fredrickson

QUOTE: "The torment of precautions often exceeds the dangers to be avoided. It is sometimes better to abandon one's self to destiny." - Napoleon Bonaparte

Have you ever felt on the verge of something BIG in your business, that the next level is just within your reach, and at the same time, wondering if you have what it takes to make it happen, if you can actually handle it? There was a point in time when I curiously observed this with colleagues, students and Mastermind Clients of mine.

I had wondered, "Why is everyone around me so afraid of the next level? Why don't they just reach out for it and make it happen?" Well, after some reflection, it dawned on me that my clients were essentially holding up a mirror for ME, as deep inside I'd been feeling the same fear of leaving my current comfort zone for something much bigger.

You see, things had been going great in this business, and yet, I kept having this nagging feeling that the next BIG level was about to show up (speaking now, from hindsight, it was right smack in front of me. Duh.) And at the same time, it seemed I was being asked by the Universe to really STEP UP my personal growth. "Healer, heal thyself". I saw how, to teach others about this 'Marketing and Mindset' stuff on a GRAND scale, I had to surrender even more to what was possible for me. You'd think this would have been easy, but somehow, for both my clients AND for me, it was still a challenge.

Several experiences came up where my "old" ways of being showed up as no longer valid, especially not for a business that was about to grow dramatically (triple its size in one year.) And normally, I take a no-excuses approach to clearing out that kind of stuff. But this time, the stuff was more lodged in than normal.

I questioned whether I was "willing" to do what it takes, whether I had courage to go really big. (Ever feel that way?)

And then a good friend sent me a copy of the movie "The Moses Code" that same week, saying knowingly, "This is what you need, Fabienne". And within chapter 5 of the movie, I broke down and sobbed. Not from sadness, but for the humbling potential of what is possible for anyone, for my clients, and what was possible for me. The message of the movie for me was simple: We all have a destiny for greatness. And as "The Moses Code" says, it can be a little scary to tackle an idea so big. The calling for our next stage of evolution (and success) is always upon us. There is a journey that you are being asked to take, something very big.

But what's also pointed out in the movie is that, instead of embracing the journey, we often say to ourselves, "Who am I to do this? I don't have what's required. I'm not enough for that." But the truth is, we must come to the realization that we are ALL being called to something great, in our businesses, in service to others, in our in-come and abundance, in that it doesn't need to be HARD WORK, and that it's OK that we are all not PRESENTLY the person able to deliver that destiny. The thing is, we grow into it as we say "YES" to the challenge. That's all it takes. Then, everything we need is then given to us.

Whether you use the word "God" in your everyday language or not, here's a quote that really moved me and got me to understand what was going on for me then:

"God does not call the qualified, it qualifies the Called, through the 'yes'."

The important thing I realized is that the person who originally said YES to the call, is not the same person who will deliver that destiny. We're constantly evolving and unfolding based on our ability and willingness to say "Yes, I am willing to go on this journey". What I got clear that fateful week was that, when you say YES when called and challenged to reach the next level, the thing that called you qualifies you. When you say YES to the next BIG level, you begin to receive the resources, the skills, the guidance, the mo-ney -- everything begins to show up. (This is EXACTLY what happened to me.) You then change and grow into the person able to deliver the destiny. So cool.

The struggle is within the ego that steps in and tries to protect the comfort zone that we've been accustomed to. The "old" way of being. And for many, it's mediocrity, struggle and frustration. You'd think, why are we SO adamant about holding on to mediocrity or frustration, but if you think about it, if that's what you've been accustomed to for years and years, it's the only thing you know. And anything else involves change. And most people don't like change and they certainly don't like being outside of their comfort zone.

The thing is, to reach that next bigger level of greatness (and professional success), you MUST be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and be willing to make the changes that seem to threaten your "safe" way of being, knowing that you are always safe anyway. There is no other way. In fact, if the change is not made, things may become even more difficult, more complicated, and more struggle shows up. Until finally your ego says "OK then, GO!, do what you have to do, I'm done."

The thing is, you DO have what it takes to bring your business to the next level. So, it's a question of COURAGE and the willingness to be without your old, frayed security blanket. And what I know from past experience is that the "fear of change and the unknown" is much greater than the actual discomfort of walking into the fear.

So, it's your choice: Greatness or Mediocrity. Which do you want in your life and in your business?

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

If you haven't yet watched the movie, "The Moses Code", I highly recommend you get a copy today (amazon.com has it). As you watch it, get clear on your potential to make a difference in other people's lives through your business. Understand that you have the ability and capacity to really take this "thing" you've created to the next BIG level. But only if you say "yes" to the challenge. I know I will.

Now that you're ready for the next level in your business, let's not forget the enormous power of Compelling Marketing. You can't help others if they don't hear about you. To attract ideal high-paying clients and dramatically increase your in-come, I suggest getting a copy of the Client Attraction Home Study System™. It includes everything you need to know to prioritize what to work on first, clear the decks and set up simple, solid systems to consistently fill your pipeline and continually get new clients. It's all step-by-step, not a big mishmash of things. So, you do step one of the system, and when you're done with that, you move on to step two, and so on. That's why my customers have gotten such great results from it. All the tools, scripts, templates, and examples are handed to you on a silver platter. So easy. You can get yours at www.TheClientAttractionSystem.com.

© 2009 Client Attraction LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is founder of the Client Attraction System®, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more clients, in record time...guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. Audio CD by mail and receive her weekly marketing & success mindset articles on attracting more high-paying clients and dramatically increasing your income, visit www.ClientAttraction.com.

Social Networking Mindset Tip: Be Approachable!

by Nancy Marmolejo

When you use social networking to market your business, you'll increase your love for the medium (and profitable results) when you make sure you're coming across as approachable. Whether you're outgoing or shy, your approachability quotient will make the difference in your successful connections on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and more.

Now take a look at your social networking profiles. Are you approachable or do you project a big brick wall? Do you create the space for people to comfortably want to find out more about you... or are you shutting out prospects and potential JV partners?
Take this list of questions and hold it up against your social networking profiles. If you see anything out of alignment, make a few tweaks then spot what results happen for you.

1. Does your social networking profile "smile"?

Check the language and wording on your profile: is it friendly? Does it make people want to get to know you? Do you use language that invites people in or puts them off? Don't be afraid to be friendly, A good exercise is to actually SMILE as you write. Seriously, give that a try when you update your profile and see what words flow from you.

2. What does your profile photo say?

A picture speaks a thousand words, and with the quantum power of social networking, your photo is going to be seen by a lot of people! Whether you want something relaxed or posed, it's important to understand the energy your profile photo is conveying. Use a close-up shot for best results- remember, the actual profile image is going to be quite small and anything farther away than a close up won't be seen well.

3. When you comment, are you projecting a positive or negative attitude?

How you break the ice with others will set the tone for how people perceive you. If your habit is to complain, then that's what you'll get known as: a complainer. (Examples: nonstop complaints about Twitter being down. Endless blog postings about what's wrong with everything.) If you're a person who spots the positive and shares with others positive things, then that's what you'll get known as. (Hint: go for the positive approach!)

4. Is everything always about YOU or do you leave space for others?

As wonderful as you are, social networking is not the place to grandstand or endlessly self-promote. One of the best ways to raise your approachability quotient is to step out and put the focus away from yourself. Try asking people about THEM... that's a start!

5. Do you balance the personal and the professional?

One of my "magic secrets" to social networking is to balance the personal and professional, especially in the banter between you and others. Watch for personal-life entry points that can facilitate a stronger relationship (that pays off later on) such as hobbies, sports, movies, favorite TV shows, kids, or other "life" topics.

When you focus on making yourself more approachable on social networking sites, you increase the ability for others to know, like, and trust you. Look over your activities online and see if you could increase your approachability quotient with these handy tips.

Nancy Marmolejo is a multiple award winning business owner who teaches entrepreneurs how to make more money and get more clients by marketing themselves as recognized, credible experts. Learn how to stand out and sizzle in the spotlight by getting Nancy's free tips and audio course at www.VivaVisibility.com

Cathy Raff on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Cathy Raff, Friendship Advocate, Founder and President of My Stone Company, was born in Florida and grew up in Columbus, Georgia. She graduated with a BA Honors in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin, with the emphasis of her studies in photojournalism. She went on to study commercial photography at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, Cathy moved to Israel where she has been for the past 24 years.

On a vacation to South Africa with her husband, Cathy found her true calling. She stumbled upon a Tiger's Eye semiprecious gemstone that changed colors as it turned in the light. She loved these stones and brought some home with her. Since Cathy suffered from Ulcerative Colitis and struggled to have children, the stone became a metaphor for how Cathy views life, friendship, and giving. Just like the Tiger's Eye changes colors, so too Cathy realized that life is about the choices one makes and that one can always find positive in each situation. Cathy also feels strongly these Friendship Stones remind us that it is the people in our life, which is most important. To be a good friend we must give. Cathy is "addicted to giving" and believes it feels better to give than to receive.

After giving a mother-friend some for her children and hearing of its impact, she decided to share it with other friends and spontaneously to those that touched her life. This was the beginning of The Friendship Stone.com and her company, My Stone Company, which promotes friendship, positivity and giving. To complete her circle of giving, Cathy created her company as a give-back to help the communities in South Africa from where the stone originate. Prior to starting My Stone Company, Cathy was a highly successful commercial photographer specializing in food and portrait photography.

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

by C.J. Hayden, MCC

There's no question that the economic news of the past few weeks has been alarming. The stock market has dropped, unemployment is up, and consumer spending is down. We're seeing banks and brokerage houses collapse, retirement account values plummet, and working families lose their homes. It's pretty scary stuff for independent professionals who rely on other people's budgets and spending habits to pay their own bills.

In the depths of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt declared in his inaugural speech, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." He described that fear as the "nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance." FDR's message was that the real danger was not the economic conditions themselves, but the prospect that we would become immobilized by our fear of them.

Even in ordinary times, fear can be one of the most powerful saboteurs of marketing. When we fear rejection, we avoid making follow-up calls or asking for the sale. When we fear embarrassment, we avoid networking or public speaking. And when we fear failure, we avoid taking action that might also lead to our success. Believing that "nobody's buying right now" can turn those words into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Instead of letting fear of an economic slowdown immobilize you, try using it to energize you. Here are six steps you can take to counteract fear and keep your marketing on track.

1. Step up your marketing instead of stepping back. Now is the time to do more marketing rather than less. If you've been attending one networking event per month, make it two or three. If you haven't been reaching out to likely referral sources regularly, contact them all, and stay in touch. If you have a stack of leads you haven't followed up on, pick up the phone. Identify which marketing approaches have worked well for you in the past, then start using them more often.

2. Don't let bad news wreck your day. One of my clients was completely derailed from following his marketing plan twice last week after reading the morning headlines before starting his day. I'm not suggesting you put your head in the sand; we should all try to be informed citizens. But if the news is getting you down, plan to work on marketing first thing in the morning -- and do it before reading the news, getting online, or checking your email.

3. Aim for a fuller pipeline. When more people than usual are saying no, you need to have more people than usual to ask for the sale. Ask your clients, colleagues, and friends to introduce you to likely prospects they may know. Make the acquaintance of influential people with large personal networks. Search out leads in the trade press, social networks, and professional associations you belong to. Cast your net more widely than you have in the past to identify new prospects.

4. Keep a positive attitude and a long-term perspective. Surround yourself with optimistic, proactive people and stay away from those who broadcast doom and gloom. Look for inspiration in stories, music, or films that make you feel positive and hopeful. Remember that economic downturns have happened many times in the past, and they don't last forever. You can't control the economy, but you CAN control your reaction to it.

5. Evaluate your spending. Scaling back on marketing is the wrong direction, but make sure you spend marketing dollars efficiently. A therapist client of mine was paying for listings in multiple consumer directories. With a full practice, she could afford this. But when business slowed, she tracked where her clients were coming from, and cancelled listings that weren't paying off. You may be able to cut spending on ads, memberships, and promotions that aren't producing results.

6. Put in place a recession-proof plan for the future. If despite your best efforts, you find yourself with extra time on your hands due to a decline in business, use it to implement a new marketing plan that will serve you in good times and bad. Institute a regular networking and follow-up schedule, develop referral partnerships, build up your web presence, or focus on writing and speaking. Any one of these strategies, employed over time, can keep your pipeline constantly full.

FDR's advice to a fearful nation was that we should not "shrink from honestly facing conditions" but also remember that "it can never be helped merely by talking about it. We must act and act quickly." The best way to counteract fear of what might go wrong is to keep taking action that will make things go right.

Copyright © 2008, C.J. Hayden

C.J. Hayden is the author of Get Clients Now!™ Thousands of business owners and independent professionals have used her simple sales and marketing system to double or triple their income. Get a free copy of "Five Secrets to Finding All the Clients You'll Ever Need" at www.getclientsnow.com.

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Monique Hayward on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Monique Hayward is President & CEO of Nouveau Connoisseurs Corporation, which she founded in April 2004 and owns and operates the award-winning Dessert Noir Café & Bar in Beaverton, Oregon. She is responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction and managing its business priorities. Monique is also a senior marketing manager at Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Monique is an entrepreneur and corporate player with 15 years of experience in marketing, communications, public relations, business development, and entrepreneurship.

She has shared her knowledge and expertise as a contributing writer and interviewee for mainstream media like The Oregonian, The Denver Post, and CNN’s “Your World Today with Tony Harris” and online and print publications for entrepreneurs like BizChicksRule.com, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, and Restaurant Startup & Growth. In February 2009, Monique published her first book, Divas Doing Business: What the Guidebooks Don’t Tell You About Being a Woman Entrepreneur. She’s also a frequent speaker at conferences and colleges and a mentor to up-and-coming professionals and entrepreneurs.

Monique was selected as a winner in the 2008 Make Mine a Million $ Business program, a collaboration between Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence and OPEN from American Express that provides a combination of money, mentoring, marketing, and technology tools that women entrepreneurs need to help grow their businesses into million-dollar enterprises. She also was nominated for the Portland Business Journal’s 2009 “40 Under 40” award, which honors young business leaders and entrepreneurs in the Portland area. She also has worked as a commercial model and spokesperson and served as the executive producer, writer, and host of her own talk show on a local cable TV station.

A native of New York City who also spent part of her childhood in Columbia, S.C., Monique has a master of business administration in marketing from Case Western Reserve University and a bachelor of arts (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) in journalism from the University of Maryland College Park. She is an inaugural fellow of the ASCENT Mastering Management Program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. She also participates as a visiting fellow for the Austin Entrepreneurship Program at Oregon State University and teaches a course for aspiring women entrepreneurs at Portland Community College. She also is a member of the National Association of Female Executives and Entrepreneurs. Monique is married to Tom Freeman and the couple resides in Beaverton.

What If No One Signs Up?

by C.J. Hayden, MCC

It's the nightmare of every professional who offers group programs. You design a powerful workshop, schedule a date, broadcast your marketing message… and no one registers. Then what?

Let's assume you have the basics down. You've chosen a compelling topic, identified a likely audience, and clearly described the benefits of participating in your program. Even the price is right. You've already sent information about your program to a list of strong prospects. What else can you do?

-Preventive Measures-

First, let's back up a step. There are several measures you can take early on in your promotion that will improve your chances of full enrollment:

1. Offer your program in house instead of to the general public. Selling your program to a company, association, or learning center with an established base of employees, members, or students can be much easier than trying to sell each seat yourself. You could also partner with an existing organization with a track record of filling programs, and share the profits in return for a full house.

2. Build your prospect list to equal 20-100 times the number of people you want to attend. A typical response rate from a postal mailing is 1-2%. Response to opt-in email is often even lower. (Don't even consider using unsolicited email.) In general, expect no more than 1% to respond if they don't know your work and rarely more than 5% even when they know you well. Make it a habit to capture the name and address of every prospect and get their permission to mail or email.

3. Plan to promote on multiple channels. Your promotion plan should include announcements in your ezine or newsletter, a description on your web site, postal mail, a brochure or flyer to distribute, calendar listings, and personal invitations. Don't rely on just one or two avenues -- students are much more likely to enroll when they see your program mentioned in many different places.

-Emergency Enrollment-

If your program has low or no registrations as the date approaches, here's what you can do to increase enrollment:

1. Call everyone on your prospect list and invite them personally. Don't count on mail and email to do the job. Place a phone call to each person you have a phone number for, give a brief description of the program, and invite them to attend. You'll be amazed how many people will say, "Thank you for calling -- I've been meaning to sign up."

2. Ask clients and colleagues to make referrals. Just mailing an announcement to potential referral sources isn't the same as asking for their help. Call or email people who respect your work, and ask them to suggest two or three others who could benefit. If they have suggestions for you, ask if they will also contact those people themselves to endorse your program.

3. Make a special offer. Tell the people who are already registered they can bring a friend for half-price. You're not losing any revenue that way if the space would otherwise be standing empty. Offer a bonus gift with minimal cost to those who enroll -- 30 minutes of your professional time, or an ebook, audio, or report you've produced. To encourage people to spread the word, offer the same gift to people who refer students to you.

-If All Else Fails-

In the last few days before your program, if you still have only a handful pre-registered:

1. Hold your program anyway. Invite people to attend for free if necessary to have good participation. Your clients will enjoy the chance to spend more quality time with you; colleagues will benefit from the opportunity to see you work and meet other attendees. Ask people who attend at no charge to write you glowing testimonials and refer paying participants for the next time.

2. If you can't fix it, feature it. The meaning of this classic sales maxim is that if your product has an obvious flaw, make it a positive selling point. When only six people enroll in your big seminar, convert it to an intimate group experience. If you have only two people for a group, turn it into a success team. Your participants will be thrilled to have more individual attention. Never apologize for a smaller-than-expected turnout.

3. Plan ahead to do better next time. Analyze what went wrong with your marketing and strategize how to do it differently the next time around. Should you have allowed more lead time? Does your mailing list need to be larger? Do you need to factor in more promotion channels instead of relying on mailings or email alone? Make a list of all the key elements you think are necessary to successfully promote your next program.

Filling group programs becomes easier when you offer them regularly. When students see the same program advertised two or three times, they are much more likely to enroll. Think of all your marketing efforts as part of a long-term plan to make more people aware of your business. If the outreach for your workshop introduces your business to many new people, you may ultimately find that much more valuable than just filling one program.

Copyright © 2004, C.J. Hayden

C.J. Hayden is the author of Get Clients Now!™ Thousands of business owners and independent professionals have used her simple sales and marketing system to double or triple their income. Get a free copy of "Five Secrets to Finding All the Clients You'll Ever Need" at www.getclientsnow.com.

Goals 2.0 - Is Your Brain On?

by Paula Pollock

It’s pretty predictable: we set a bunch of goals early in the year with the best intentions. This year is going to be better, different, profitable. Then about the time Super Bowl rolls around, we blow our diets and realize it’s not the only thing we’ve blown. Instead of forgiving ourselves, we give up and chalk up another year of irrelevant New Year’s resolutions. You know the reason we do this every year? We don’t have the courage to change what we say inside our heads. We let ourselves believe that we are stuck with ourselves. 2009 is time for a divorce!

The news is all doom and gloom. Oprah is on her 3rd show about saving money and clipping coupons. Mass depression is selling and the world is buying! Let’s break free of the hypnosis and revisit our original goals. What’s your reason behind each of them? Drill down to the emotional reason and feelings you would have when you have achieved these goals. If you are not re-energized by each one, they probably aren’t that compelling for you. Back to the drawing board.

Once they are really compelling, it’s all in your head. Make sure your brain in on. Because, the saboteur is you! Belief that you can and deserve to have the things you made your goals is what many preach and they are correct. However, if you ever learned to throw a ball or ride a bike you know it’s rearranging the skills you already have to form a new pattern. So, you really can do all these things. You just haven’t imagined yourself arranging your current abilities that way.

E.g. Procrastination: If you find yourself procrastinating a particular project, sit with yourself quietly for a minute. Ask yourself why you really don’t want to do it. It’s probably something you’re not sure about or afraid to try. If it’s that extra helping or dessert, stop again and ask yourself about the reasons you want to lose weight. Perhaps you have a reunion or a health directive that’s more important. Controlling your self-talk, not allowing your bratty little ego to weaken your focus and finding bigger reasons to change your outward behavior and inner yap is how to succeed.

Darkest Before The Dawn: For a while, I actually became very fond of the occasional bouts with my ego. Before you call me a hypocrite let me share. Without fail when I would have a “poor me” moment, the next day something amazing would happen. The great part is now I have very few of those moments because I’ve learned my ego is idiotic and wrong.

To Do:

  • Pay attention to what you’re thinking when you fall out of the new-and-improved vision you have of yourself;

  • Study the why behind it for a minute without judgment, and

  • Accept that this is something you need to overcome instead of throwing in the towel.

You’ll have a much greater chance of making it further this year than any other with any goal. When you can be gentle with your former self and lead your bigger self to choose new behaviors, you will make small steps towards your big goals.

Paula Pollock is Director of the Pollock Marketing Group: helping business owners attract consistent clients with less effort. To receive her quick-read, weekly marketing tips and her Special Report, “7 Client Attraction Secrets That Will Double Your Income,” Visit her site to sign up. www.paulapollock.com

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