This Spring, Let Your Self Blossom

by Kelli Wilkins

Spring traditionally is a time for rebirth, renewal, and reenergizing. This leads to many seasonal projects: “Spring cleaning” the basement, raking up left-behind leaves, planting grass seed and flowers to brighten up your yard – but have you ever thought of giving your Self a Spring cleaning?

Do you feel trapped or caught in a rut over your job or personal relationships? What old ideas, attitudes, or other clutter are you storing in your head? If you find yourself longing for a change, maybe it’s time to take a look at areas of your life that need refreshing.

It may sound a bit harsh, but anything that takes away from the enjoyment of living isn’t worth having. There’s no need to carry around unnecessary baggage that drains your energy and leaves you feeling unfulfilled. So let go of unwanted possessions (there’s a reason yard sales are popular in the Spring!), projects you’re not passionate about, and even friendships/relationships that have fizzled out and don’t add to the quality of your life. By letting go of the things you’re not totally in love with, you’ll lighten up, feel freer, and make room for new experiences.

As a writer, I collect a lot of writing-related objects: books, notebooks, pens, magazine articles, submission guidelines… and I’m slowly weeding through the piles. I’m letting go of old stories that never went anywhere, book ideas that petered out, and stacks of articles and books I swore I’d read someday. By letting go of outdated ideas and projects I’m no longer passionate about, I can prioritize and concentrate on the things that really matter. Clearing out clutter helps you focus on your path and see where you’re going. (Here’s a general “decluttering” rule: if you haven’t used it (whatever it is) in 2 or 3 years, then get rid of it. Remember, when in doubt – throw it out!)

If you’re feeling run down, trapped, or overwhelmed by life, make time to refresh and revitalize your inner Self. Take an afternoon (or a few hours) for yourself and meditate, write in a journal, or go for a long walk and think about the areas of your life that you want to change. What do you want to accomplish – both personally and professionally? What are your goals? To start a business? Do volunteer work? Find a new hobby? Take a class? Save for a dream vacation? Find a life-work balance? What makes you happy? Focus on that and start working from there.

This Spring, take some time to cultivate your own garden and plant the seeds for your next adventure. Do what you truly enjoy in life, and your world will blossom.

When she’s not writing, Kelli Wilkins loves to garden. She has written several fiction and non-fiction books in her flower-filled backyard. To learn more about Kelli’s writings, visit her website at:

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Unknown said...

Decluttering and cleaning out are very important and refreshing. So often, as we near retirement, we forget to do this step and instead begin to accumulate.
Thanks for the reminder why this is so valuable to everyone, no matter what age.

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