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Pet Products News (Industry Trade Magazine) April 2008

The meteoric rise of pet couture in recent years is directly related to the impact of companies like Rouge New York. Founder Amanda Fry thought it would be funny to outfit her brother’s macho pup with a patent leather pink dog collar. Her inability to find the ideal collar gave her the idea it would be easy enough to manufacture such a collar herself.

The motivation to create high fashion doggie bling at an affordable price is what makes Rouge New York such a success story. Rouge New York strives to offer your customers classy styles and colors in dog collars, leads and step-in harnesses without compromising quality.

Bold designs featuring rhinestone bones and gold and silver skull and crossbone designs make a real fashion statement that discriminating pet owners seek that won’t leave a huge dent in their budget.

Rouge New York believes in letting customer feedback help determine what products they should put on the market, especially those that sell well. As a retailer there’s only so much product you can stock on your shelves, and rightly so customer demand should be the best indicator of what items will sell best.

By being a hot new player in the global market, Rouge New York is able to pass on significant savings to your customers while ensuring quality workmanship in all their products. Rouge New York wants to be the one company that people know they can count on for their particular product needs.

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