5 Quick Tips for a Modern Resume

by Michele Dagle

If your resume hasn’t been updated recently, it may be outdated in both content and style. The following tips can help modernize most any resume:

1. Add relevant links—your website, blog, online portfolio, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook—along with your contact information. These links should have a professional tone and be appropriate for your field.

2. Choose a format that fits your career goals—whether it is the time-honored chronological format, the adaptable functional format, or a hybrid of the two.

3. Back up personality traits, such as detail-oriented, with achievements or duties.

4. Reach for good design. Be consistent in the style of your section titles (Experience, Education, etc.). Don't underline. Use bold and italics sparingly. Use a single typeface in a few different sizes and styles.

5. Make it Web-ready. In addition to PDF and MS Word versions of your resume, create an ASCII (plain text) version to use when copying and pasting your resume into the body of an email and for posting online.

Michele Dagle is an editor-writer, as well as the founder of Editorial Studio www.editorialstudio.com, a resume-development, editing, and writing firm.

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