Amy Dorn Kopelan on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Amy Dorn Kopelan has over 20 years' experience as an ABC television executive and independent conference producer. She is also co-author of I Didn't See It Coming, the book that teaches business professionals how to avoid being blindsided in business. She has been featured on FOX and Friends, Business Week on-line, On The Money, in CEO Magazine, Business Week, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and

As an author and industry expert, Ms. Kopelan interviews leading business innovators, moderates discussion at industry conferences, speaks at national business symposiums, and consults to institutions and organizations. In 2008 she launched The Guru Nation, a knowledge network to help professionals skill-build, learn more, and advance their careers. The Guru Nation works in alliance with major universities, corporations, and not-for-profits to provide continuous learning and access to industry leaders. Amy serves as an advisor to The Grace Institute and The Institute for Career Advancement Needs. College/University: Boston University, B.S. and University of Grenoble.

The Guru Nation is the definitive destination to access Gurus in all fields of business. It’s the ultimate knowledge network for professionals who want to learn more, stand out, and lead effectively. It’s a professional community designed to ignite thinking, provide invaluable skill-building, and create access to hundreds of seasoned industry experts who will share their knowledge and open important doors.

The Guru Nation offers its content 24/7 plus the opportunity to talk live with over 20 industry leaders every month. The Guru Nation also provides exciting professional development and leadership workshops, executive coaching, public presentation training, and a monthly open-line career coaching session. Individual membership in The Guru Nation is FREE!

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