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The inspiration for stylish diabetes accessories came from the personal struggles of Rickina Velte Founder & Designer of Stick Me Designs, when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant with her second son in 2007. The diagnosis was devastating, and she wasn’t sure how to handle this new aspect of her pregnancy. She soon found an outlet through starting her own company to help other’s deal with their diabetes with a stylish twist.

Being diabetic means testing your blood sugar several times a day, and keeping your supplies with you all the time, in addition to your ‘normal’ purse stuff, and her then 2-year-old’s stuff. So every time she had to whip out that black ugly medical-looking testing bag, she thought there’s got to be a more colorful and stylish alternative.

So she set off to design her own versions full of personality and savvy style. The first design was a cute bright red leather case with colorful polka dots inside, it was adorable! She then thought, "hey maybe other’s who are diabetic would like something like this too." After asking a couple diabetic communities and asking for feedback, she knew she was onto something with potential when the response was overwhelmingly, "where can I buy that?"

“I knew that creating a collection of modern stylish accessories would do more than just look good, it would make people living with diabetes feel good too, and that was a huge incentive.”

Today Stick Me Designs collections are making people all over the world with diabetes smile and feel more like themselves while still controlling their diabetes. www.StickMeDesigns.com

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LeNesha said...

What an inspiration, thank you for sharing :-) I just met Rickina via Twitter a few days ago and was fascinated by her strength and her business.

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