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Karyn Climans is the entrepreneurial spirit behind Tail Wags Helmet Covers, a company devoted to encouraging more children and adults to wear their safety helmets. One of her goals is to prevent unnecessary head injuries and it is her passion for safety awareness along with her imaginative flair that have been the key ingredients for Tail Wags’ success.

Karyn’s innovative helmet covers first appeared on the ski slopes in 2006. Since then, Tail Wags helmet covers have been showing up on bike trails, skating rinks, tobogganing hills, ski slopes and equestrian trails across North America and internationally including Europe and Australia.

Tail Wags are adorable and innovative helmet covers that fit over bike, skate, ski, snowboard, toboggan and equestrian helmets. Tail Wags feature over thirty-five animal characters, each with its own personality and each making its own statement! From tigers and bears to turtles and dinosaurs, children love dressing-up their safety helmets with Tail Wags helmet covers.

Karyn was a stay-at-home mom for 15 years with her two special needs sons, both diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and Bipolar Disorder. Karyn knows that raising her kids is the toughest job she has ever done. “It took me 15 years to get things settled enough in my family life before I had the confidence to consider even going back to work let alone starting up my own business” writes Karyn.

Tail Wags’ success has provided a wonderful boost both personally and professionally to Karyn. “I believe that it was the tenacity and dedication I learned as I dealt with my children’s needs that motivated me to ensure Tail Wags thrived.” Karyn’s story is a wonderful testament to the strength of women entrepreneurs who use their ingenuity, creativity and sheer determination against difficult odds. It proves that anything is possible! Karyn never imagined that something that began in the basement of her home would grow in to a company selling internationally within 2 years.

Recent Accolades

• Appeared on the “The Big Idea” (CNBC TV) hosted by Donny Deutsch in a segment titled “Million Dollar Ideas”.
• Selected as a JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) Innovation Award Finalist.
• Chosen as a “Best Product for Babies and Kids 2008” by Orca Communications.
• Chosen by ABC Kids Expo as a “Top 10 Innovative Company in the Juvenile and Safety Products Industry Worldwide”.
• Trend Hunter Magazine says Tail Wags “Makes Safety Cool”.
• “Creative helmet covers kids will love!” writes InventorSpot.
• Babble.com describes Tail Wags as “So doggone cute”!
• Nominated for SavvyMom Mom Entrepreneur of the Year, a national Canadian award.
• Featured on “The Mom Show” (Canwest Broadcasting)


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