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Jane Chin, Ph.D.

Jane Chin, Ph.D. is a microbusiness entrepreneur, career coach, and reinvention strategist. She is President of Medical Science Liaison Institute, a pharmaceutical consulting firm Jane launched in 2004. This year, Jane is in the process of launching a personal leadership development company.

Jane is a recognized thought leader in field-medical affairs in health care, as speaker, conference chair, author, publisher, and advocate. For her contribution to pharmaceutical industry's field-medical science profession, Jane was named 100 of the Most Inspiring People in Life Sciences Industry by PharmaVoice magazine in

Jane applies strategic thinking to identify opportunities within
problems and integrates professional and business development with
personal mastery. She writes about fear of success, addiction to
approval, backstabbing coworkers or competitors, answering the
question “what should I do with my life”, and various Achilles heel of
entrepreneurs and professionals alike. Jane is a self-professed serial
blogger writing on subjects including microbusiness entrepreneurship,
healthcare and medicine, personal leadership, and career development.

Jane views her role as a human being to inspire others to create their
own life adventures and to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs
looking to change the world through authentic thinking and personal
mastery. As part of this vision, Jane is offering a Passion and
Fulfillment personal development program to help individuals connect
with inner wisdom and "lead from who they are". This 9 week course
will be free to listeners and readers of "Women Entrepreneurs - The
Secrets of Success blog", because Jane wants to empower as many women
as possible to follow their passion and create fulfillment! To start,
please visit www.PassionandFulfillment.com

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