Write Your Daily Manifesting Script For Rapid Results!

by Mariana M. Cooper

As my business has grown and most recently seems to be growing very rapidly I have noticed something that is very common as you are growing your business. We start to lose our way because we are trying to do so much and meet the needs of so many. It begins to feel like we really have no say in what is going to happen next!

Even though we hear that we create it all, that we can have it all, etc etc it seems that circumstances have a way of getting the best of us! We notice what is going on around us and start to label it as truth. And for that moment it is the truth.

The "truth" is whatever you are focusing on the most right NOW.

So if you are focusing on all that is going wrong, your dominant thought is negative so by LAW nothing else can present itself. If however your dominant thought is positive or hopeful or deliberately intended your circumstance has to change to reflect that.

Sometimes this formula that most of us have heard of before is one that seems to elude us at times. Why is it that we can be thinking positive, saying affirmations etc etc and things STILL don't seem to be working out or they are going very slowly?

One of the biggest reasons is that we are not being specific enough with what we truly want. How do you really want the day to go?

Do you want to meet a helpful person who can helpyou develop your website? Do you want a new opportunity to present itself today? Do you want new resources to miraculously appear? Do you desire some extra money to help you with bills or something special for yourself?

The secret to getting these circumstances to occur is to ASK!! Believe it or not we seem to be much better about visualizing the BIG PICTURE. The big house, the new car, the great guy or gal who is our ULTIMATE soulmate, the winfall of money is what we envision. That is great! And it is important to have that big vision.

BUT here is the secret: You MUST visualize how you want the small in between steps to unfold as well! You must ASK for the resources, the next steps to take toward your ultimate goals that are for your highest good, the helpful people that can really move you forward etc.

write your daily manifesting script for rapid results!

Here is what I do each morning and it WORKS really well:

1. As you awake say "Thank you"

2. Then ask "How May I Serve?"

3. Then Script Your Day by declaring: "Today I see myself meeting a person who will...... or Today I will have an amazing money miracle that really propels me forward... or Today I am in the right place, at the right time meeting all the right people...

4. You can also take some time to actually visualize yourself solving a particular issue, having an easy time with a customer service agent, feeling surprised at the end of the day about how fabulous it all went...

5. Let yourself get emotional about it and feel the essence of your script coming to fruition!

6. And then LET IT GO!!!! Refrain from analyzing whether it is going to happen or if this works or why it works for someone else and not you etc etc.

7. Remember it is always "This or Something Even Better!" Give the Universe the Opportunity to OVER DELIVER!!!

You have done your part of the job so LET IT GO and LET THE UNIVERSE DO IT'S JOB!!

When you focus on scripting small steps on a daily basis for your goals it is amazing how much your confidence for the big stuff grows!!!

Give it a try and let me know how it works on FACEBOOK!!! Friend me at Mariana M Cooper!!

Author: Mariana M. Cooper, Aha! Moments, Inc. Intuition Expert and Mentor. For more information, products and services go to: www.trustyourahamoments.com

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