5 Secrets to Manifesting a Business You Love

by Ileana Kane

Your income and your integrity is in direct proportion to your self-confidence and to the degree you are serving others. Imagine your income has soared and you've manifested a business and a life that you love. This is no small feat because there is so much fear that we all have to face and there are so many different internal challenges - much more so than the external challenges that we have to deal with.

For me, there were a number of things that changed internally. Let me share with you my secrets so you can have similar results.

1. Shift the way you are thinking

I started really shifting the way I was thinking. The first thing I did was to take 100% responsibility for the thoughts I had. These thoughts actually create your own reality. AsI had a thought that was not congruent with what I wanted, I started to take a look at reframing. This is a practice we all know about that can give you change. We all know about it, but it's another thing to practice it. My thoughts and the reframing method are something that I'm conscious of every day. From the moment I get up, it's a choice about how I'm going to create the day and the thoughts that I'm going to have .

2. Become grateful for you what you have

So many of us focus on what we don't have. The one thing I continually work on is being grateful for my life and everything in my life. And this is no matter what's going on. I always start off by being grateful.

3. Believe in yourself

I also started to work on my personal belief system, believing that I can really do the things I want to do and then fulfilling my life purpose. I know, for me, it was believing that what I have is of value. And things just started happening. It's a place in my business where I created the inner game of marketing. I combined money, marketing and mindset all wrapped into one. I believed I could do the thing that was a big challenge for me, and the speediness of it manifesting in my life was uncanny!. I saw that I was the one in charge.

4. Manifesting what I truly desired.

Another thing I did was manifesting: really creating the business that I wanted to be in and being clear about it. With that comes confidence, clarity and I'm able to design a plan. Another thing that has made a huge difference is that I'm complete with the past. From past experiences, we have disappointing situations and many of us think they're going to happen again. So there is fear of taking risks and stepping outside your comfort zone. I'm really complete with my past events so I'm now taking risks. I take bigger chances that I ever did before and sometimes it's uncomfortable. But I've stayed with it! It gets scary and exciting when I've not done something before, but I'm following my dream, I'm staying the course and I'm moving through the fear.

5. Become fearless

Another secret is being able to be fearless. What I mean by that is, experiencing fear and stepping into it. We all have fear, but when you step into it, awaiting on the other side is excitement. There may be some fear, but I don't let it stop me. I look at the fear and I acknowledge it's there and then step forward. So I'm always taking a step forward.

This is what I bring to my work. I love sharing with other people. There are miracles on the other side. There are so many possibilities in our businesses and so many extraordinary opportunities. And the marketing part - I can teach people every strategy they want to know because I've taught marketing for so long. So much of it is internal, it's in the mindset. It's about loving people and about relationship building and that's what I bring to the table. Really believing I can do it.

If you are not succeeding in your marketing, you're just not going to be in business very long. Now, particularly, we do have to get out there and really market. I want people to have fun, be authentic and to be creating relationships in their marketing.

Embrace these secrets, practice these 5 secrets and watch your world make a real turn around!

© 2009 Ileana Kane. All Rights Reserved.

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