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Kelly Fallis

Meet the Resourceful and Style-Savvy Kelly Fallis

The woman who started it all is an ambitious trendsetter who loves nothing more than a good challenge. Fallis developed the Remote Stylist to meet the need for rapid, reliable and personalized décor advice. “Type the words ‘gray paint’ into Google and you'll get 500,000 results to sort through. That isn't an effective way to make decorating decisions,” she says. “Likewise, if you don't know where to look, sourcing design items locally can be a real challenge. Decorating simply does not need to be so complicated.”

With five years of hands-on experience preparing countless homes for sale at her Toronto-based home staging operation, Organized Outcomes, nothing surprises her. Solving every possible dilemma, from challenging layouts to where to get the look for less, and pleasing even the pickiest of clients along the way, it was only logical to take it virtual! The Remote Stylist was created in early 2009 to make decorating decisions easier. “With the overwhelming amount of information out there, the problem becomes sorting through it,” says Fallis. “We’re all time starved, so we go with the décor stores, designers and resources we know. What we really want is the very best info, available quickly and inexpensively.”

So how does it work? The Remote Stylist harnesses the expertise of the top home décor artisans, brands, retailers and design professionals and delivers their inside knowledge directly to consumers. Whether you are planning to, in the midst of, or just dreaming about redoing a space, the Remote Stylist has you covered. The best part - it doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself a trendsetter or décor-challenged, the Remote Stylist can help regardless of where you live. Visit Kelly's website at

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