Kendra Kett of The Pinwheel Girls on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Kendra Kett

Kendra Kett is the author and illustrator of The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight ~ Every Woman's Journey Through Seven Stages of Transformation, a unique book designed to assist women through life changes and transitions.

The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight offers over 100 poetic affirmations encouraging women to live the lives they and want, be true to themselves, and pursue their dreams fearlessly. She earned degrees in Psychology and Education and is an award-winning school administrator. She is a recipient of the Moving Into the Future Award from the Work and Families Institute for her work in organizational change and impact to families.

She has used symbolic sight and poetic metaphor since early childhood when her love for the mystical truly began. At the age of four, she recalls harnessing the strength of empowerment when she was hospitalized for, and survived, a life-threatening illness that had killed an entire prior generation of women in her family. She considers herself a survivor of not just serious illness but also the numbing routinization of life, the dull ache of abandoned dreams, the sorrowful errors of youth, following rules and scripts, and the regrets that come with not knowing.

She created the Pinwheel Girls for every woman who knows it feels to pretend to be less than she truly is. The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is available at or on

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