Ayesha Mathews of Pixink on Women Entrepreneurs - The Secrets of Success

Ayesha Mathews

Currently residing in San Francisco, CA, Ayesha's pursuit of design has carried her far and wide, from Bangalore to Paris to New York.

A graduate from Parsons with a major in Communication Design, she nurture's the spirit of exploration and adventure that infuses her work.

Her design philosophy stems from a fluid evolutionary process ~ one that germinates from the roots of a brand's character and branches out through the elements of its culture.

Over the past 8 years she's worked both client and agency-side and launched PixInk, a branding and design practice in October 2008.

Her strategy and creative work has led to successful interactive and marketing campaigns for clients ranging from Fortune 500s to start ups, including Apple,
Oracle, CAT Footwear, Harley-Davidson, Skin by Alison Raffaele, Camel, Savor the Success and Picaboo.

Spirited, saucy and sensible, Ayesha has a flair for plain-speak that sometimes gets her into trouble. Her globe trotting adventures taught her to embrace
contrasts and contradictions but her craving for hot peppers remains stubbornly Indian.
She spends far too much money on baubles and loves to surround herself with objects and characters of beauty.

Visit Ayesha's website at http://www.pixink.info/


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