7 Quick Ideas for Generating an Endless Stream of Content

by Leesa Barnes

People always ask me: "Leesa, how do I create meaty content for my podcast, blog or virtual event?" Here are 7 ideas to get you started.

Interview Experts

Put out a call to clients whose area of specialization compliments yours. Run through your list of online connections - the professionals who contribute their ideas to the same social networks as you do. Think about this in terms of audience intrigue. Who else might your subscribers learn and benefit from, besides you?

Dig up Recordings from Teleclasses or Workshops

Maybe you ran a telecourse last summer that went over big. To you, that class feels like it's old - but remember, there are still plenty of people out there who will really appreciate the information. Syndicate portions of your old learning materials, then package in podcast or video format and upload to your blog.

Check Your Inbox

Did you email some spot-on advice to a client or colleague recently? Well, turn your advice into a blog post or a teleclass.

Check Your Website's Referral Keywords

Check your website statistics. Use Google Analytics or a similar tool to find out who's landing on your pages via which keyword phrases. Do some research on those topics of interest and share your findings with blog readers.

Be the Answer Guy (or Girl)

Post a question on your blog. "What are the top 3 questions you have about [insert your industry here]?" Have your blog readers or friends/followers in your social networks call in their question via a telephone recording line set up through Virtual Event Audio. Write up their responses as a blog feature or record as a podcast interview.

Get Success Stories

Other people's success stories inspire and motivate us. It develops confidence, builds trust and brings more business. Why not add a category to your blog called Success Stories? Each month, highlight a recent victory or milestone - yours, a client's or a colleague's. Win-win for all involved.

Provide Updates from a Conference or Trade Show

Create a buzz around your next trade show or exhibition. Bring the digital camera or video recorder along. When you return, take a few moments to jot down event highlights. Share commentary and footage with your audience.

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