Want Financial Success? Persistence Matters

by Miata Edoga

When you were a kid there was nothing you couldn't do. Well...perhaps not nothing. But if you put your mind to something you were going to do it. I remember in gymnastics I wanted to be able to do a back flip. I can't tell you how many times I landed on my head, but I kept trying. The first time I actually made it all the way around, I was so stunned that I had actually landed on my feet that I fell over backwards.

Here's the question: What happened to that kid? The kid that was too clueless to know they were trying to do the impossible. The kid who kept trying and trying until they made it work?

I think we let reality creep in. We started to believe the nay sayers. We started to give in to our doubts because that seemed like the "grown up" thing to do. We discovered pride, and ego. When you were a kid you knew you would get it with just one more try. Now as an adult, you think you shouldn't have tried to begin with.

Look at the ones who "make it." We've all heard the stories. Michael Jordan's shooting average was 48.2 percent. Arguably the best basketball player of all time missed more shots than he made. Babe Ruth's batting average was even worse. He hit the ball a little under 4 out of every 10 times at bat in a sport where the record career batting average is under 50% Somehow as adults we expect ourselves to bat 1000.

Now think about how you would have approached your finances when you were a kid. I'm not talking about the impulsive candy store purchases. I'm talking about how much effort you were willing to put in to getting something you really wanted. Remember spending entire summers mowing lawns or selling lemonade in order to pay for something you were absolutely desperate to own? Well, some of the keys to persistence that worked for us as children can be equally effective when implemented as adults.

Have a clarity of vision. As children we knew exactly how much that new video game cost and we broke down exactly how many lawns we needed to mow, cars we needed to wash, or errands we needed to run to earn that amount. It isn't enough to say "I want to make a lot of money" or "I want to be rich." Precisely how much money do you want to have? Remember that the first goal isn't the final goal. Start with a figure you can believe in, experience the success of achieving that number and then set a new amount to work towards. There will be times your pace may slow, but having clarity about where you are headed will help to keep you moving forward.

Surround yourself with the right resources and team. Remember enlisting the help of your friends or the adults in your life when you were working towards a particular goal? But then we "grow up" and suddenly we all think the best thing is to become lone rangers. No one ever accomplishes anything significant on their own. And it's much, much harder to keep going through challenges, hurdles and setbacks without the support of those who are on a similar path. Build a team of individuals who are willing to be there for motivation and accountability along your journey, and get the coaching and guidance you need in areas you can grow stronger.

Approach every task with enthusiasm. My seven year old daughter doesn't exactly love doing chores. But two minutes into cleaning her room or sorting the laundry, she's singing, dancing and has obviously turned it into her own personal game. The truth is that we stick with things we feel good about. But unfortunately, we can't always expect the enthusiasm to happen naturally. You have to be willing to find the excitement in all the things you are doing to achieve your financial goals. Work to bring energy even to the tasks you dislike. Almost miraculously you'll find you're getting things done faster and with a greater sense of ease and fulfillment.

When it comes to your financial success, the reality is that persistence matters. Sure you'll fall down. But it's the ones who get back up again that make it where they want to go.

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