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Kerry Heaps

President of Kerry’s Network, Inc. a membership based marketing and strategy firm geared towards helping businesses market themselves locally and nationally through the website, talk radio show, publication and leads program. Kerry’s Network currently has members in North Carolina, Florida, D.C. and Maryland.

· Host of Kerry’s Network Talk Radio a weekly program showcasing guest speakers and members. The show was designed to help business owners with various topics such as employment, coaching and more.

· Editor of The Business Review a monthly publication distributed to all areas of Kerry’s Network.

· Kerry’s background is comprised of Corporate Sales, Recruiting, Image Consulting and training. She has worked in the corporate environment which included, finance, insurance, human resources and the legal sectors.

· Kerry has taught independently as well as through the Knowledge Shop and John Casablanca Modeling School and Agency.

· The core classes she has taught include, Resume Writing and Interviewing Techniques, Body Language Basics, Be Photogenic, Walk the Runway, Make-up without being Made Up, The Power of Persuasion, Effective Networking, Dressing for Success, How to be your Own Tele-Marketer, Creating Your Successful Image.

· She is the author of two books, “Dressing for Success” a downloadable E-Book and “Kerry’s Network T.I.P.S. a sales strategy book.

· Kerry has helped countless business professionals with creating a sales strategy and helping them move to the next level of success. She has achieved high status in the Image industry with over ten years experience and has clients all over the country that she has helped either in person or through her own online color analysis program. Visit Kerry's website at

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