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Business coach Molly Gordon is visiting us again on the second day of her blog tour. Molly describes herself as: citizen of the Universe, gardener, cyclist, knitter, paddleboarder, grandma, chief assistant to Bolivia the Wonder Cat, wife of The Charming Prince is stopping by this blog as part of her tour to talk about her upcoming Self Employment Telesummit happening September 10th - 18th. Want more information? Check it out here:

If you have any questions, thoughts, comments or feedback on being self employed (or on Molly's answers to the questions I asked her) please leave your comments below!

Coach Deb: How important is it for a self-employed person to be authentic? Why does it matter so much?

Molly: We all have to live with the person we see in the mirror, which is one reason authenticity is important for the self-employed person. In addition, the self-employed person often feels closely identified with his or her work. If that work is not authentic, it causes emotional stress.

At the same time, the concern with authenticity can become a problem in itself. For example, if we imagine that promotion and authenticity are opposed, we're going to have problems marketing ourselves. Often this shows up as a reluctance to market, and entrepreneurs who avoid marketing have a very low chance of succeeding.

The belief that one cannot be authentic and market can also manifest in a stilted tone or unnatural voice on web pages, in emails, and in brochures and other materials. When we believe that people like us can't market, we take on another persona to do our own promotion. It doesn't feel good. We don't enjoy it. And it doesn't work. But until we heal the breach between authenticity and marketing, we'll keep on struggling.

One distinction my clients have found helpful is between authenticity and naturalness. Marketing may not come naturally, but that doesn't mean it can't be authentic. We can practice it until it becomes second nature, until we can do it with our own unique spin and flavor.

Coach Deb: What are some tips for the self employed person to get on track and align with their purpose?

Molly: Oddly, it's easy to get disconnected from yourself when you are self-employed. We wear so many hats that we can lose our center. Concern about how we show up in the marketplace can turn into preoccupation with what others think of us. And simple overwork can leave us depleted.

So the first tip for getting on track and aligning with purpose is what I call putting banks on the river. Set clear boundaries between work and play time, and be sure you take enough play time. If you work at home, find a way to visually separate yourself from your work. Close the door. Put a cover over the computer. Stack your papers in a box under the desk.

The second tip is to not get too wound up about purpose. It's easy for the ego to co-opt purpose and use it to create all kinds of unnecessary drama. Do good work, take care of your clients and customers, and your purpose will take care of itself.

A third tip has to do with finances. Your best intentions are practically useless unless you can fund them. Get in the habit of setting aside a percentage of your income every month for taxes and savings. Pay yourself, even if only a little. Being intentional about money will go a long way toward helping you get and stay on track.

Finally, listen to your clients and customers. Find out what they value most about your work. Your clients will teach you exactly how to market and sell to them, and they will always show you the way to your best self.

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