It Starts Here: Discover How You Can Have Success in Your Life by Marc-Andre Terriault

Author Marc-André Terriault contacted me recently to tell me about his new book. Today, October 28th is the official launch and I'm very excited to share the details with you!

In a world where we live through an international financial crisis, where lives and futures are put on hold, motivation and direction have abandoned us and in their place, fear took a comfortable seat.

But not anymore…

With Marc-André Terriault’s new e-book “It Starts Here: Discover How You Can Find Success in Your Life” you’ll learn how to pull yourself out of the darkness and back into the light.

“Success is in every one of us; we just need realize it and take the necessary action to accomplish any and all of the goals we set ourselves,” says Marc-Andre Terriault, owner of Cheers to the Good Life.

“It amazes me to see how much we are bombarded with information with no actual sense of direction,” explains Marc-Andre who’s also a real estate investor. “We are lost in an empty world, we need direction and by reading my e-book you’ll be able to motivate yourself and really take charge of your life.

Marc-Andre was held captive in a prison in his own mind for almost 27 years. Before he took action and changed his life, he too was trapped in an empty world. Now he is eager to teach everyone how to find success in their lives.

Click here to purchase his life changing e-book and receive special free bonuses!

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