Are You Making This Mistake When Creating Your Packages?

by Elizabeth Genco Purvis

As a marketing coach who serves spirit-rich entrepreneurs, most of whom are working in the mind/body/spirit realm or are aligned with Spirit in and out of their businesses, I regularly check out what people are offering: their packages, programs, and opportunities for their clients to work with them.

Of course, I start with my clients, but I don’t stop there! In particular, I pay close attention to those who have really high visibility - book deals, are in the conversation in our industry, etc. And over and over again, I see one mistake being made when it comes to pricing and packaging.

This mistake costs people BIG time - not just in lost income, but in lost opportunities to create deep and lasting transformation. It also sucks the energy right out of you, takes up waaaaay too much time AND kills your cash flow. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the coaches, healers, consultants and metaphysical practitioners I know are making this mistake.

What’s the mistake? Let’s look at an example of a typical package to find out.

Let’s take a coach, for example. What do most coaching packages look like? Most are some variation on this: meeting X times per month for Y months at Z dollars per month. For example, 3 sessions a month for 6 months at $300 per month.

The question that comes to mind is, what is a client paying for in this scenario? “Coaching,” you might answer. Trouble is, your clients are never paying you for “the thing” that you do. They are paying you to solve a very specific problem that matters to them.

So what’s the mistake? Not creating packages or programs that solve a specific problem.

Here’s why these kinds of packages suck the energy out of you, take up waaay too much time and kill your cash flow, too…

When you’re focused on a specific problem, you can design the program to address that ONE problem, which means there are boundaries on that program - they don’t go on and on and on. (And you don’t give too much away - another huge problem for many spirited entrepreneurs who love to give and give and give.) Focusing on one problem means that you’ll streamline your solution to that problem, which takes less time AND energy.

Most importantly, programs that are not focused on a specific problem (and provide a specific result) are a LOT harder for them to say yes to. Your clients want to know, “What’s in it for me?” Without results, you’ll be on the phone for hours with your potential clients, only to hear them say, “I have to think about it.” Yuck! It’s a time drain, an energy drain, and a cash-flow killer.

You might be thinking, “Well, if a client is paying X dollars per month for 6 months, isn’t that great for my cash flow?” Monthly payments are great for your cash flow… when you’re selling your packages regularly AND for the investment that matches the value. Trouble is, without focusing on problems and solutions, you’ll struggle with enrolling your programs at a great investment.

Here’s another important tip for you: When you focus on one specific problem in your packages, the investment will be based on value, not time. And the value of your package will always be more than the time you spend! (Remember, your clients are paying for a solution, NOT your time.)

Design your packages and programs around results and value to your clients, not your time. When you do, you’ll have more clients eagerly signing up at a higher investment point… it’s a win for you with your cash flow, and a win for them because they’ll finally get to experience the transformation they so desperately want and need.

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