Using Podcasting & Internet Radio to Market Your Small Business?

It's not too late to sign up for this one-time-only teleseminar!

Is this you: You need more new clients, and you have helpful
expertise to share... But writing’s not your thing, and you
want no part of producing and editing video??

Then podcasting and Internet radio could be just the ticket for
marketing your business online! These two hot formats are
surprisingly LOW-TECH and LOW-COST.

On Thursday the 19th at noon PST, Stacy Karacostas of SuccessStream Sales & Marketing Solutions will be interviewing Internet radio/podcasting expert and business coach Deb Bailey, host of the Internet Radio show Women Entrepreneurs - The
Secrets of Success to help you get started.

(If you can’t make the live call, remember you can always order
a copy of the audio so you don’t miss a thing!)

Deb’s gonna help you make sense of podcasting and Internet
radio... And decide whether they’d be effective ways to get out
your message.

Plus she’s promised to simplify the how-to’s, and cover the
specifics you need to know so you *connect* with your listeners
on a deeper level.

Here’s just a taste of what she’s going to share on our call

- What exactly podcasts and Internet radio shows are, and how
to know if they’re the right online marketing tactics for you

- How the recording process works, what it costs, and what you
need to know up front… BEFORE you make a big time or money

- Ways to use “talking points” in an interview so you connect
with your listeners without being “salesy”

- Your specific questions during the live Q & A portion of the

- And much, much more!

Snag your sp ot on tomorrow’s f*r*e*e* live call, or reserve a
copy of the audio file if you can’t make it, by going here now

Although the call is no-charge, spots are limited and tend to
fill right up. So, get all the details and sign up right away!

Here’s to your future success!

P.S. Even if you can’t make the live call, you can always
reserve a copy of the downloadable recording. Just go here and
click on the big, green "I Want It" button to be taken to a
page where you can register for the mp3.

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