Paula Pollock on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Paula Pollock

Even before the economy took a turn, Paula Pollock saw that most upper level marketing managers spent less than 10% of their time actually creating marketing that generates leads. That’s marketing’s job after all and yet, no one was doing it. The Pollock Marketing Group started out of necessity when the telecommunications industry was imploding with layoffs and she began writing marketing plans for friends with new business ideas when she wasn’t working or taking care of her infant son. When her pink slip arrived she took her business full-time, again by necessity. After years of freelance consulting, she formed the agency that exists today: offering a one-stop resource for custom lead generation. In addition to private consulting and marketing outsource services, they offer end-to-end marketing project work for all size businesses. With over twenty years of corporate sales and marketing experience, Paula offers knowledge and value that few can match. Resources, videos and free marketing tips are available at

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