Is Your Networking Not Working?

by Paula Pollock

When is the last time you analyzed your networking effectiveness? We all go to events where we collect other's business cards, give yours out and spend time and money for the event itself. Have you put pencil to paper lately to see if your networking activities are yielding positive results? Here's the process I use to decide what's working.

Do the Math - Each of these groups has a fee. Whether it's per event, quarter or year you need to look at the financial cost of each event. Include items like parking, gas, business cards and brochures. Yes, it sounds detailed but your bookkeeper would tell you the same thing. Next, log the time from the minute you leave to drive until you arrive at your next location. How much could you bill a client during that time? If it's an evening event, there might be priceless costs like time away from your family. Do the math.

Check All Your Statistics - Are you giving more than you're getting? If the group doesn't keep statistics, check your own. How many new people do you meet at each meeting? How many are good prospects? How many are good referral sources? How many signed up for your newsletter? There are many ways to track your own statistics. Build a simple spreadsheet and track your own results.

Break Out of Your Rut - You may not want to admit it, but you are probably getting lazy: showing up late, sitting and talking solely with friends, and not strategically setting meetings with potential sources. Change up your routine. Show up early. Vow only to talk to new people. Set at least one outside meeting each week. Go to a group where you know no one.

Referrals from colleagues were the top way businesses find their service providers. (Source: RainToday Report) If you are banking on the Internet you are missing out. Six of the top ten were face-to-face marketing vehicles including the top five. We can Tweet, Facebook and SEO too, but our prospects still want to shake our hand. Get out there and let them. Just be sure to change up your events and hold yourself accountable to networking goals.

Paula Pollock is Director of the Pollock Marketing Group, further assisting good companies in becoming great through outsourced marketing services with her team of professionals. PMG supports business marketing at all levels from DIY, short-term projects and campaign corrections. You can sign up to receive her Marketing Tips newsletter at

Chandra Clarke Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Chandra Clarke is the founder, co-owner, and President of, an online English-language editing and proofreading company. A pioneer in the male-dominated field of computer programming, Chandra developed and implemented’s original proprietary backend workflow software system in 1997.

Chandra has helped the company earn an Ontario Global Traders Award for Market Expansion - Service, a Small Business Standard of Excellence award from the Web Marketing Association, and three finalist nods at the 2009 Stevie Awards for Women in Business. After more than 10 years in operation, and Clarke are proud to help authors, students, ESL writers, and business executives express themselves clearly and concisely in English.

Teleclass: Coaching Business Secrets

Date: February 23, 2010
Time: 8:00 pm EST

Presented by Ali Brown

Have you thought of setting up a coaching program for your
business? Or do you have one, but it is floundering and you
don't know why?

Leading entrepreneur and business coach Ali Brown charges
$100,000 per year for her top coaching programs, and she's
willing to reveal her how-to secrets for the first time ever.
She's hosting a complimentary call tonight titled "Coaching Business Secrets: The Inside Scoop on How to Design, Sell, and Run Profitable & Successful Coaching Programs."

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On this call, Ali will reveal:

*the most POPULAR types of coaching programs that are in demand right now

*which types of programs are NOT easy to sell right now (don’t waste your time)

*Ali's personal 3 no-fail formulas for various levels of group coaching delivery

*which price points ($$$) are working well across the board in many industries

*the biggest mistake Ali sees most solo-preneurs make when launching their coaching programs (it’s sad to see them shoot themselves in the foot, and publicly)

*hidden DANGERS of continuity (membership) programs, and how to avoid them

*details about Ali's groundbreaking, private Coaching Business Intensive happening this summer, where over two full days Ali will personally walk you through exactly how to design, sell, and run your own profitable programs.

Get all the info for tonight's call at 8pm Eastern here:

It's time to stop struggling and learn the secrets from someone who is doing this succesfully and knows the pitfalls.

See you on the call!

Building Book Chapters

By Sophfronia Scott

When preparing to write a non-fiction book, most aspiring authors have no trouble coming up with a list of chapters for their nascent books. They might even come up with snazzy titles for those chapters. But after that? Nothing. That's where they get stuck. They don't know how to begin filling up those chapters with writing.

One of my private book coaching clients recently hit this same wall. As we worked through it, I realized some of the points we covered would be good to review here.

The Break Down
When thinking about your non-fiction chapters, it's best to keep it simple. Cover just one main point in each chapter. Then, to write the chapter, think in terms of WHAT, WHY and HOW. Each chapter, to certain degrees, will contain each of these concepts.

The "What"
With the WHAT, you're introducing your main point for that chapter and explaining what it is. Let's say, for instance, that you're writing a personal development book and you have a chapter on "Persistence". You might begin by discussing what persistence is and perhaps give a few anecdotes showing what it looks like in action in a person's life.

The "Why"
In the WHY, you'll talk about why your main point-- in this case persistence--is so important. This is where you really get the reader to "buy into" the concept. You can drive this section home by showing what it looks like when the thing is absent. You can tell stories (either your own or client examples) of what happens when someone lacks persistence.

The "How"
The HOW is a little tricky. Ideally you're telling the reader how to gain/fix/work with/eliminate the concept. But it's up to you to decide how much HOW you'll give. Some authors give very little HOW because they want to sell their expertise. You have to come to them to get the HOW. Some authors can afford to put more HOW into the book because their HOW is very difficult and the reader would still have to buy a product or hire the author to help implement the HOW. You have to take a pretty good look at your business strategy for your book--that will help you decide how much HOW you're going to give away, if any.

The Writing
Now all you have to do is come up with your WHAT-WHY-HOW for each chapter until you've written your whole book. Yes, it can be that simple. You can always add or subtract material once you've written the first draft. The great thing'll have a first draft. I challenge you to get started today. Let's see how fast you can build a book!

© 2009 Sophfronia Scott

Sophfronia Scott is Executive Editor of the Done For You Writing & Publishing Company. Learn what a difference being a published author can make for your business. Get your FREE audio CD, "How to Succeed in Business By Becoming a Bestselling Author" and your FREE online writing and book publishing tips at

Janet Hilts on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Janet Hilts is CEO of SpeakUpAndShine, dedicated to helping professionals get their message out with stress-free speaking in all areas of business. Janet helps coaches, consultants and other entrepreneurs who struggle with confident speaking – whether it’s in person, on stage, online or on videotape.

She is committed to making business speaking easy and painless for professionals so they can be completely comfortable talking in any setting. With performance coaching and rapid change tools, Janet quickly helps clients get to the root cause of their speaking discomfort so it never comes back.

Janet is a 20 year veteran of formal speaking herself, with a BA in Speech and Communications. Both as a performance coach and former health educator, she has taught classes, led workshops, coached groups and been featured on stage at national conferences and on several radio shows. Her clients include professions as diverse as life coach, physician, network marketer, website creator, construction contractor, voice coach, and yoga teacher. Janet brings extensive coach training and speaking experience to her specialized short-term coaching for long-term effects for business professionals.

25 Things You Must Do If You Want to Leave the Corporate World Behind Forever & Have Your Own Business

by Deborah A. Bailey

1. Look at your current financial situation. What do you have in the bank, savings accounts, investments, etc? Determine what you have to pay off before you leave your day job.

2. If you have family/friends that you are financially responsible for, let them know your plans. Everyone has to be on the same page.

3. Join a networking group and start meeting people outside of your circle. Go to Chamber of Commerce events, local community events, events at your place of worship - meet people and get to know them. Work on building relationships. People will be willing to help those who they get to know and like, also known as the “know, like and trust factor.” In addition, don’t be afraid to help others as well. People will be more likely to assist you if you do the same for them.

4. Join social media groups such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn in particular is the main site for professionals, and you can find many industry leaders there. People on social media sites are there to connect and network, so don’t hold back from making connections.

5. Research your business idea using internet searches to find out if similar products or services exist. You want to determine who your competitors are and how big your market will be.

To see the entire list of  25 things you must do to leave the corporate world behind and have your own business, visit the Think Like an Entrepreneur blog!

Copyright © 2010 Deborah A. Bailey

Deborah A. Bailey is author of two non-fiction books including, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life.”

Happy Valentine's Day

Have a wonderful day!

JK Rowling: The Fringe Benefits of Failure

Bestselling author, JK Rowling gives a powerful and inspirational speech on the benefits of failure and the power of imagination.

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement from Harvard Magazine on Vimeo.

Dressing for the Interview

by Tayelor Kennedy

Going on a job interview is nerve racking enough. But, then you have to think about how to make not only a good impression but a lasting one as well. With a tight job market, you've got to pull out all of the stops to compete with other applicants that may be younger than you. The first thing to know is classic style is what you want to present to your potential employers. Unless you're working in a creative industry that is more tolerant of trends, stick with the smart chic look. From your briefcase to your shoes, you can wow your prospective employers with these easy tips.

1. No matter what time of the year it is, black, tan, brown, navy or grey always work whether your preference is a suit, dress or separates. You don't need to go out and purchase a new outfit as long as what you choose to wear fits well and is in good condition. If you've been out of work for a while and want to get your clothes professionally cleaned, save the cash and head to the grocery store and invest in Dryel®, the at home dry cleaning system.

2. Monochromatic dressing is flattering to any figure just remember to add complimenting color with your jewelry, shoes, handbag and portfolio.

3. Shoes do not need to be new but they should be in good condition. Take them to the local shoe repair shop and have the heels redone and polished. Also always opt for closed-toe shoes with a mid to low heel.

4. Your nails should be clean and manicured. If you wear polish, it's best to go with clear, soft neutrals or a French manicure. If you want to get a professional manicure for half of the cost, cosmetology schools offer manicures as well as hairstyling services at a discounted rate and they do a good job.

5. It's fine to wear make-up to an interview. If you're not sure of the application technique or which colors to wear because you've just had your hair colored, head to the cosmetics department and get some advice and a free makeover. Be sure to ask plenty of questions and for a worksheet with instructions. All of the counters have them. The makeovers are free of charge at most of the cosmetic counters but just ask first to be sure. If you don't wear makeup that's great too. Just make sure that your brows are shaped well and invest in a bottle of tinted moisturizer and clear mascara. It will make your eyes appear more open and bright.

Preparing for an interview does take time so as soon as you get the appointment it is time to start organizing for your audition. If you have a favorite professional outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in, wear that. Be sure to try the entire ensemble on including applying make-up so that you'll feel positive on the day of the interview. If you don't have a leather portfolio to put copies of your resume in, borrow one or purchase the best one that you can in a color coordinates with your handbag and shoes. Also, if you're not familiar with the location of the interview, take a test drive so that you'll know exactly where you're going.

Follow these steps and you'll land that new position with ease.

Tayelor Kennedy is an experienced skin care expert, stylist and make up artist in the Tri-State area as well as Boston. She is currently penning her first book, Absolute Style and Beauty, has written for various magazines and websites on all beauty related areas. Her areas of expertise are complete makeovers, bridal fashion consulting, and custom eye brow shaping. For more information about Tayelor, visit, or, Tayelor can be contacted at

Anastasia Netri on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Anastasia Netri, also known as the SuperCoach, is a business and life coach for entrepreneurs as well as a PSYCH-K practitioner. She combines traditional coaching with a PSYCH-K, a process that actually can "reprogram" your subconscious mind to support your desires!

Anastasia has been coaching for 4 years, is a dynamic inspirational speaker and writer. She is certified through CANA and has received training from the Coaches Training Institute. Anastasia is also a “serial entrepreneur” and has started and successfully run businesses for over 15 years.

Anastasia also hosts "The Conscious Entreprenuer Show" on Blog Talk Radio. For more information on Anastasia's coaching, home study programs, or radio show, just visit her website at

Send a Valentine to Your Clients & Prospects

Looking to send a gift to your clients and prospects? Sharon Levy of Taking Tea in Style (and one of past guests on "Women Entrepreneurs - The Secrets of Success") has put together a special corporate gift selection.

Visit her site at for a variety of exquisite gifts. Each gift comes with a hand written thank you note in a beautiful box with tissue paper and satin ribbon.

Walk In Your Workmanship by Alba Henderson

Author, Alba Henderson stops by for a virtual book tour with her new motivational book, "Walk In Your Workmanship."

Here are a few excerpts:

“As you prepare to read this book, Walk In Your Workmanship, as any competent, professional, motivational speaker or personal executive coach knows, the most difficult thing is to find the key in someone that turns an individual from just a simple understanding to actually changing the way they think and behave. We truly believe in the power of prayers and miracles.”

"As we walk in our workmanship in business and in our spiritual walk, we cannot fail. They come hand in hand."

"Another way out of a dry season is to have faith that you are supposed to be doing what you are doing."

Order Alba's book from here:

Alba Henderson is a serial entrepreneur, writer, and published author, wife and mother. As a Virtual Assistant, she began her writing when her desires to help others succeed as entrepreneurs became her focus. Her writings are published all over the internet. Alba also focuses on helping other publishers build their platform as expert authors via virtual book tours.

Alba is the founder of her company i-Virtual Assist, an online business management company. She provides online administrative services inaddition to other specialty services such as, online marketing research, virtual book tours, event planning and online presence management.. She also owns an online networking events designed for women for business owners providing exposure via online live networking, business workshops, media opportunities, resources and advertising opportunities. She also provides business coaching to young people ages 12-25yrs who want to become successful entrepreneurs.

Let's Collaborate and Conquer All Day Women's Business Virtual Tour

Presented by: Alba Henderson, author and entrepreneur
Date: Monday, February 8, 2010
Time: 10:00am-8:00pm

This is a great advertising opportunity that be held at Alba's blog, "Your Focus." An all day event from 10am - 8pm Eastern. Comments will be monitored and redirected to each individual participant.


* Stop by, say hello chat with your customers and enjoy great conversation.
* Opportunity to create great collaborating projects with other great entrepreneurs
* Opportunity to increase in sales
* 100% Exposure
* Live follow-up chat on skype

Sign up Now...Deadline for your business entry has been extended for readers of this blog - sign up no later than midnight, Saturday, Feb. 6th.
Submit to: with the subject line: Business Tour.

* Name of Business
* 1 Link
* Business Description: Limit 5 lines
* 1 photo jpeg only
* 1 discount or "freebie" give away for the first (5) readers to leave a comment for you on Alba's blog!

Designer Sarah Shaw on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Sarah Shaw
Designer, Innovator, Coach

A successful business starts with an idea, and the ability to execute the essence of that idea.

As a third generation entrepreneur, Sarah is nothing short of an energetic innovator and is an information "junkie". With five businesses under her belt, Sarah understands not only the complexity of a start-up, but also the thrill. Translating ideas into action is her strength, and she lends her wisdom willingly.

In 1998 Sarah launched a uniquely fashioned pinked felt bag, and wore it everywhere she went. Soon, people were clamoring for them, and her handbag business Sarah Shaw was born. Within a year Sarah Shaw Handbags could be found on the pages of Instyle, Oprah, People, Lucky and Marie Claire magazines and in Anthropogie stores nationwide. Over the next five year the business grew quickly selling to over 1200 boutiques and major dept stores nation wide.

Sarah realized that her flare for design and conceptualization translated easily into ideas for house, home and lifestyle - to which Simply Sarah was born.
This e-commerce website is committed to providing beautiful and practical products for the home. Sarah counts celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Debra Messing, Cameron Diaz, Laura Dern, and Academy Award-winners Gwenyth Paltrow and Marcia Gay Harden among her fans.

Sarah was also behind the successful, made-to- order costume company, Raggs to Order as well as the wardrobe trailer rental company Rack and Roll Rentals Inc.. Her experience in production and entertainment has lent itself to unique approaches to packaging, marketing, distribution, and public relations.

Harnessing her expertise and extensive knowledge base, Ms. Shaw launched a 22-week Tele-seminar workshop called The Entreprenette® - A step-by-step guide to launching a product-based business from your living room. Sarah teaches all the secrets one needs to know to have a finished tangible product in your hands, in stores and on the shelves making you a return on your investment.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys her 23 month-old twins, yoga, long walks and gardening. She is very close with her family and wishes her French husbands family wasn't so far away. Sarah is excited about her new Entreprenette business and looks forward to seeing great ideas come to life.

Listen to the show on Blog Talk Radio

"Million Dollar Brand Secrets" Begins on Feb. 2nd

Presented by Ali Brown

Why is branding such a hot topic for solo-preneurs? Quite
simply, because it works. As Ali Brown's business coach and
mentor, Anne McKevitt, mentioned on a call last week, "getting a brand is the most important thing that you can invest in for your

Well, you're in luck because Anne has agreed to be a guest
faculty member for Ali and host a six-part telecourse called
"Million Dollar Brand Secrets, the Ultimate System to Brand You and Your Business."

This is a very rare opportunity. Anne doesn’t do telecourses,
but she’s doing this one because the need was so great. If you
missed Anne’s brief branding session live on stage at Shine
2009, this is your opportunity to learn from her.

(If you want all the scoop now, go here:

Anne spearheaded Ali's brand development, which has resulted in the stellar growth of her company that you may have witnessed over the past 18 months. Anne helped Ali make the big leap to grow her company to where it is now, an Inc. 500 multi-million-dollar company, one of the fastest growing companies in the nation.

Here's the best part...this is the most affordable price that Anne has offered for her expertise. This telecourse is available for the unheard of low investment of only $297. (That's less than $50 per call for the 6 calls!)

You'll need to act quickly, though, because the course starts

Here's what the six-part course includes:
1. Getting Your Brand On--Everything you need to fully understand and prepare for before jumping into brand diagnosis and creation.

2. Your Brand Diagnosis--Anne will walk you through her critical diagnosis process to help you determine if you should tweak your current brand or blow it up and create a new one.

3. Your Brand Prescription After--You complete your diagnosis and remedy your brand with Anne's help.

4. Your Brand’s Visual Solution--Here’s the fun part – design, look, and feel! Let’s figure out what YOUR brand should look like...

5. Designing and Marketing Your Brand-- From preparing, writing, budgeting, to prelaunch and eventual launch, it's all covered!

6. LIVE Question & Answer Call with Anne. During this call you’ll have the opportunity to ask Anne questions directly and have YOUR brand issues answered!

You'll never have access to such a distinguished expert on such
a timely topic as this at such an affordable price. Don't miss
out on this unprecedented chance that is sure to help you get
clarity on how to attract business simply and affordably through
effective branding.

Learn more and sign up here:

...but don't delay because this telecourse starts TOMORROW, Feb. 2, and then it's gone because this information will not be repackaged in any other form.
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