Walk In Your Workmanship by Alba Henderson

Author, Alba Henderson stops by for a virtual book tour with her new motivational book, "Walk In Your Workmanship."

Here are a few excerpts:

“As you prepare to read this book, Walk In Your Workmanship, as any competent, professional, motivational speaker or personal executive coach knows, the most difficult thing is to find the key in someone that turns an individual from just a simple understanding to actually changing the way they think and behave. We truly believe in the power of prayers and miracles.”

"As we walk in our workmanship in business and in our spiritual walk, we cannot fail. They come hand in hand."

"Another way out of a dry season is to have faith that you are supposed to be doing what you are doing."

Order Alba's book from Lulu.com here: http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/walk-in-your-workmanship/8186175

Alba Henderson is a serial entrepreneur, writer, and published author, wife and mother. As a Virtual Assistant, she began her writing when her desires to help others succeed as entrepreneurs became her focus. Her writings are published all over the internet. Alba also focuses on helping other publishers build their platform as expert authors via virtual book tours.

Alba is the founder of her company i-Virtual Assist, an online business management company. She provides online administrative services inaddition to other specialty services such as, online marketing research, virtual book tours, event planning and online presence management.. She also owns an online networking events designed for women for business owners providing exposure via online live networking, business workshops, media opportunities, resources and advertising opportunities. She also provides business coaching to young people ages 12-25yrs who want to become successful entrepreneurs.



Kung Pao said...

I was actually just given a really cool book called “Young Guns” as a gift. For those of you that are trying to establish yourself in the business world like I am, I’ve been reading this book and it actually gives you the best and most specific tips for achieving success at a young age.

Marjorie & Maureen said...

Hi Deb,
We met at Alba's Blog Tour yesterday. I'm interested in chatting with you regarding your radio show ans how it could help the members at my social network. Please contact me when you get a chance at wahmshops@aol.com

Thank you,

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