Janet Hilts on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Janet Hilts is CEO of SpeakUpAndShine, dedicated to helping professionals get their message out with stress-free speaking in all areas of business. Janet helps coaches, consultants and other entrepreneurs who struggle with confident speaking – whether it’s in person, on stage, online or on videotape.

She is committed to making business speaking easy and painless for professionals so they can be completely comfortable talking in any setting. With performance coaching and rapid change tools, Janet quickly helps clients get to the root cause of their speaking discomfort so it never comes back.

Janet is a 20 year veteran of formal speaking herself, with a BA in Speech and Communications. Both as a performance coach and former health educator, she has taught classes, led workshops, coached groups and been featured on stage at national conferences and on several radio shows. Her clients include professions as diverse as life coach, physician, network marketer, website creator, construction contractor, voice coach, and yoga teacher. Janet brings extensive coach training and speaking experience to her specialized short-term coaching for long-term effects for business professionals. www.SpeakUpAndShine.com


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