How To Uncover The Results That Make Your Clients Want To Buy From You

by Elizabeth Genco Purvis

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times: "Don't talk about what you do, talk about the benefits and results your clients get." And if you're like many heart-based business owners and transformation professionals I know, hearing this time-tested marketing truth probably makes you roll your eyes a little.

After all, when you're working on such a deep level, transformation can be hard to put into words. Even on the surface, some of what we do is, well, flat-out fuzzy and hard to describe. Besides, we can't promise results anyway, right?

You can come up with a zillion reasons why you can't "bottom line" what you do for your clients, but you can't change the fundamental human truth behind the whole benefits-not-features thing: your clients don't buy "stuff," they buy what that stuff will do for them - specifically, the emotions they will experience as a result of getting what they want.

"You can't fight City Hall," as the saying goes. And if there's one thing I know for sure, it's that you can't fight human psychology and win. Bottom line: if you can't clearly articulate the results of using your services, you won't sell very many of them.

So what's a heart-centered business owner to do? Here are 3 tips on how to uncover the results of your services so that your clients clearly see what they're really going to get when they work with you.

1. Make it physical. If your service feels "fuzzy" or feel-good, or if you struggle to describe the deep transformation you facilitate in your clients, it's time to get physical. All transformation has a physical manifestation, somewhere and somehow. How does your work "show up" for your clients in the physical world?

Let's say you're a healer who helps her clients dissolve the inner blocks that keep them stuck. Once those blocks are gone, what happens then? How will the removal of those blocks show up here on the physical plane? They might be able to finally find a relationship, or get a higher-paying job, or more and better clients. (Note that this is a general, unfocused example. If you do this kind of work, you'll want to get really specific on what areas of life and specific problems you focus on.)

2. Don't do all the work! When it comes to results and outcomes, your clients know a thing or two - namely, they know what they WANT. Most heart-centered "change agents" can create all kinds of transformation. What outcomes are your clients really looking for? It's for them to say, and for you to find out - through connection, surveys, and especially in your potential client conversations.

3. What's the impact? When clients work with you, what's the real impact of your work? How does it ripple out to every aspect of their lives? Start with just one outcome they could get. How does getting that outcome impact their relationships, home life, spiritual life, and finances? (And yes, your work impacts their finances, even if you can't see it directly right now.)

"But Elizabeth, I can't promise results!" If I had a nickel for every time I've heard this from spirited entrepreneurs, I'd, well... I'd have a heck of a lot of nickels. So if the thought of "promising results" stops you cold, you're not alone. But guess what?

There isn't a single transformation professional on the planet who can "promise results." Why? Because your clients have to show up and do their work! It's not about promises you can't keep, it's about possibility. And no matter what, the client has to do their part. (Yep, this applies to healers, such as acupuncturists and energy workers, who are extra concerned about this issue because of liability.)

When you say things like "I can't promise results," you're really taking on a responsibility which lies with your clients... which isn't cool, or healthy boundaries, or even possible. Be them positive or negative, your clients own their outcomes. Instead, focus on holding the space of possibility of the results your clients can step into when they make new choices.

(Did you catch the energy difference between "I can't do that" and "holding the space of possibility"? My coach's request to you: check out how each of those feels in your body. Which would you rather experience? Whichever it is, you can bet your clients are feeling it too!)

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